Hennepin County Medical Center: Improving Access to Care in Minneapolis

April 01, 2015
Grant check presentation

Hennepin County Medical Center celebrated the announcement of a United Health Foundation grant that will enable it to expand its reach into underserved communities and focus on creative ways to improve health for people facing physical, mental and socioeconomic challenges.

Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) was awarded a $2.5 million partnership grant over three years by United Health Foundation to support innovative programs that provide services for patients with complex socioeconomic and health issues.

HCMC is using the grant to:

  • Assess its patient population through interviews to determine barriers to moving the delivery of health care upstream, from the emergency room to the clinic, and ultimately to the patient's home;
  • Design innovative models of care that address these barriers and shift the focus of care to health rather than disease; and 
  • Analyze and evaluate the utilization rate and effectiveness of the new model(s).

"We are thrilled to receive United Health Foundation's support in helping us enhance and transform our community's health and well-being," said HCMC CEO Jon Pryor, M.D., MBA. "We've worked hard to address the challenges of caring for patients with complex socioeconomic and health issues, but with United Health Foundation's resources and expertise we will explore ways to improve our already successful programs."

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Hennepin County Medical Center Receives $2.5 Million Grant from United Health Foundation to Help Build Healthier Community in Minneapolis

Website: Hennepin County Medical Center

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