Chief Digital and Technology Officer Sandeep Dadlani talks about the 3 keys to transformative tech

April 18, 2023

UnitedHealth Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer Sandeep Dadlani was featured as a keynote speaker at the ViVE 2023 digital health event on March 26-29 in Nashville, Tenn. There he shared his vision on how the health care tech industry can grow exponentially by creating zero distance between the developer and clinician, being agile with end users and unlocking speed with partners.

Watch the following full video replay or read below for highlights from the presentation.



Health Care Tech at 100x (5:15)
“Tech is the glue that creates the value, speed and momentum across all these businesses.”

Key 1: Zero Distance (6:35)
“Listen carefully and respond fast … The first pillar is to go zero distance. What if tech was developed with practicing clinicians, side by side?”

Key 2: Agile with End Users (13:20)
“When we develop tech, we’ve got to keep developing tech every two weeks and going back to the end user to be agile with those end users.”

Key 3: Unlocking Speed with Partners (15:30)
“Finally, we won’t go 100x without partnerships.” Sandeep talks about UnitedHealth Group’s partnerships with Walmart, Red Ventures, RVO Health, United AI Studio.