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UnitedHealthcare offers a full range of health benefits, enabling affordable coverage, simplifying the health care experience and delivering access to high-quality care. UnitedHealthcare serves customers through four businesses: Employer & Individual, Medicare & Retirement, Community & State, and Global.
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UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual

UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual serves more than 29 million Americans by offering a comprehensive array of consumer-oriented health benefit plans and services nationwide for large national employers, public sector employers, mid-sized employers, small businesses and individuals.

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UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement

UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement is dedicated to serving the health and well-being of nearly 13.7 million older adults and other individuals eligible for Medicare.

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UnitedHealthcare Community & State

UnitedHealthcare Community & State is dedicated to providing diversified health care benefit products and services to nearly 7.7 million Americans in programs that care for the economically disadvantaged, the medically underserved and those without the benefit of employer-funded health care coverage.

UnitedHealthcare Global

UnitedHealthcare Global provides nearly 2.2 million people with care and benefits services in South America. This business serves multinational and local businesses, governments, insurers and re-insurers, and individuals and their families.

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