UnitedHealth Group Reports First Quarter 2024 Results

April 16, 2024
  • Revenues of $99.8 Billion Grew Nearly $8 Billion Year Over Year

  • Earnings Reflect $0.74 per Share of Impacts from Change Healthcare Cyberattack; $0.49 to Support Direct Response Efforts and $0.25 in Business Disruption Impacts

  • Company has Provided Over $6 Billion in Advance Funding and Interest-Free Loans to Support Care Providers in Need

  • First Quarter Net Loss of $1.53 Per Share is Due Primarily to Currency Effects of Previously Reported Brazil Sale and the Cyberattack

  • Adjusted Earnings of $6.91 Per Share Include the $0.25 in Business Disruption Impacts but Exclude Brazil Sale and Direct Response Costs

UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) reported first quarter 2024 results reflecting broad-based growth at Optum and UnitedHealthcare, medical care activity consistent with expectations and the impact of the recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare.

“The core story at UnitedHealth Group remains our colleagues delivering improved experiences for the people we serve and driving balanced growth even while swiftly and effectively addressing the attack on Change Healthcare,” said Andrew Witty, chief executive officer of UnitedHealth Group.

The company continues to make significant progress in restoring the affected Change Healthcare services while providing financial support to impacted health care providers. To date, the company has provided over $6 billion in advance funding and interest-free loans to support care providers in need.

Download: UnitedHealth Group Earnings, Including Financial Tables