Shareholder Materials

Electronic Delivery of Shareholder Materials

UnitedHealth Group, through Broadridge Financial Solutions, is pleased to offer electronic delivery of our annual reports, proxy statements and proxy ballots, allowing shareholders to vote their proxies online. Electronic delivery is desirable for a number of reasons:

  • Immediate availability of important information — no more waiting for the mail to arrive.
  • Less mail — the average consumer receives an abundance of mail, and it is time-consuming to review.
  • Cost savings — electronic delivery saves money for the company in which you are invested.
  • It’s environmentally friendly.

With your consent, you will be notified by email when these materials are available via the internet. To sign up for electronic delivery of proxy materials and accept this service, you must have an email address, internet access through an internet service provider, and a web browser that supports secure connections. Shareholders should note that UnitedHealth Group is not responsible for any charges they may incur from their personal internet service provider and/or telephone company.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Delivery

  • By consenting to electronic delivery, you agree to receive your UnitedHealth Group annual shareholder meeting materials over the internet. Approximately four weeks prior to our annual shareholder meeting, you will receive an email notice that will provide links to the annual meeting materials (annual report, notice of annual meeting and proxy statement, and proxy/voting instructions).

  • You may vote via the internet whether or not you consent to receive your annual meeting materials online. When annual shareholder meeting materials are distributed, you will receive an email notice with links to the materials. This email notice will have the necessary instructions to vote online.

  • You can change or revoke your consent to electronic delivery of your UnitedHealth Group annual shareholder meeting materials online at any time by visiting the election site.

  • You will need access to the internet and a web browser that supports secure connections.

  • You will be able to read the annual shareholder meeting materials online and print a copy of the documents, provided your system supports documents in PDF format.

  • You may request paper copies of the annual shareholder meeting materials from:

    Corporate Secretary, UnitedHealth Group Legal Department
    9900 Bren Road East, MN008-T502
    Minnetonka, MN 55343
    Attention: Sue Griffin Wendel
    Telephone: (800) 328-5979
    Fax: (952) 936-1745

Registering for Electronic Delivery

You may sign up at any time for electronic receipt of future shareholder materials. While you can change your consent for electronic delivery at any time, we are confident that you will find this option the most efficient and effective way to receive your proxy materials. To receive your annual report, proxy statement and proxy ballot on the internet, instead of receiving printed copies in the mail, follow the instructions below. 

Registered Shareholders and Company Plan Participants

You are a "registered shareholder" if you have a personal account with the company's transfer agent, Equiniti Trust Company, or you are in possession of actual stock certificates. You are a "plan participant" if you own shares in the company's 401(k), or Employee Stock Purchase Plan. Registered shareholders and plan participants can click here to receive shareholder materials online as registered shareholders or plan participants, or to change or opt out of electronic delivery.

Beneficial Shareholders

If your UnitedHealth Group stock is held in an account in your name with a brokerage firm (for example, Smith Barney or T. Rowe Price), bank trustee or other agent, you are a "beneficial shareholder." In this case, your proxy materials are delivered to your broker, bank, or other nominee, who then delivers them to you. UnitedHealth Group and its transfer agent do not have records for beneficial shareholders of our stock. However, beneficial shareholders may sign up for electronic delivery of proxy materials using the web link on this page if their brokerage firms and/or banks offer electronic delivery of these documents.

Click here to receive your shareholder materials online through your broker, or to change or opt out of electronic delivery.

UnitedHealth Group Employees

Some UnitedHealth Group shareholders may be both registered AND beneficial shareholders. Those employee shareholders should enroll for electronic delivery of proxy materials BOTH as registered shareholders and as beneficial shareholders. UnitedHealth Group employee shareholders may receive their proxy materials online automatically and may use the company's email and the internet to vote their proxy ballots online.