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UnitedHealth Group 2020 Investor Conference

2020 Investor Conference Book

At the December 1, 2020, Investor Conference we shared details on our differentiated growth strategy and how we are driving distinctive societal and shareholder returns. A downloadable 2020 Investor Conference Book, including business overviews and Q&As for UnitedHealth Group, Optum and UnitedHealthcare, is available below. You may also click on a specific section below to download materials relevant to each business.

Downloadable Investor Conference Book
A PDF of the full 2020 Investor Conference Book is available for download. Information in the book is accurate as of Dec. 1, 2020, the date of the UnitedHealth Group 2020 Investor Conference.
The breadth and scope of our diversified company help to consistently improve health care quality, access and affordability.
Sustainability At UnitedHealth Group
We are dedicated to helping create a modern, high-performing health system.

UnitedHealth Group Q&A

Learn about our key enterprise growth areas; how we are positioned to make health care more effective and affordable; our top R&D priorities in driving new clinical technological advances in the business; what we are doing to advance health equity; how we are building and shaping the health workforce, and more.

Our Optum Business

Optum serves every participant in the health care system, delivering distinctive value to those who provide care, pay for care and need care — while working with them to create a modern, high-performing health system.


OptumHealth is building a comprehensive, connected health care delivery and engagement platform by directly providing high-quality care, helping people manage chronic and complex health needs, and proactively engaging consumers in managing their health through in-person, virtual and digital clinical platforms.


OptumInsight brings together advanced analytics, technology and health care expertise to deliver integrated services and solutions to help customers reduce administrative costs, meet compliance mandates, improve clinical performance and transform operations to succeed in today’s rapidly changing health care landscape.

OptumRx’s full spectrum of pharmacy care services are enabling better health outcomes and reducing the total cost of care, while delivering a simpler and more integrated experience to members and consumers.

Optum Q&A

View and download our Q&As for Optum and each of its businesses.

Our UnitedHealthcare Business

UnitedHealthcare is the leader in health benefits, driving affordable coverage, simplifying the health care experience, addressing consumer health and social issues, and delivering access to high-quality care.

UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual

UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual offers a comprehensive array of consumer-oriented health benefit plans and services nationwide for large national employers, public sector employers, mid-sized employers, small businesses and individuals.

UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement

UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement is dedicated to serving the growing health and well-being needs of seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries. Through a comprehensive and diversified array of products and services, this business helps over 12.5 million people manage their health.

UnitedHealthcare Community & State

UnitedHealthcare Community & State is dedicated to providing diversified health care benefit products and services to state programs that care for the economically disadvantaged, the medically underserved and those without the benefit of employer-funded health care coverage.

UnitedHealthcare Global

UnitedHealthcare Global delivers medical and dental benefits to people living, working and traveling in more than 150 countries worldwide. This business is uniquely positioned to address global health care challenges and create value by combining distinctive enterprise capabilities with local market understanding.

UnitedHealthcare Q&A

View and download our Q&As for UnitedHealthcare and each of its businesses.


The 2020 Investor Conference Book is available below in PDF format. You may download the complete book, or specific sections of the book.

The materials in this section are accurate only as of December 1, 2020, which was the date UnitedHealth Group held its 2020 Investor Conference.