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5/19/2015 Study: Comprehensive Eye Exams Can Help Re-engage Patients Into Care for Certain Chronic Conditions, With the Potential to Help Improve Health and Reduce Costs

Comprehensive eye exams can help re-engage patients into care for certain chronic conditions, with eye care professionals encouraging people to seek follow-up treatments from primary care physicians and specialists, according to a new study by UnitedHealthcare.

4/30/2015 Study: UnitedHealthcare's Tenth Annual 100@100 Survey - 2015

Tenth annual 100@100 survey polls 10-year-olds in addition to 100-year-olds, finds disagreement on aging but surprising common ground on the importance of family, role models and going to the dentist.

3/31/2015 2014 Social Responsibility Report

This report reflects the caring and compassion of UnitedHealth Group employees around the globe. At work and through volunteering, charitable giving and service to others, our employees demonstrate their conviction to strengthening the communities where they live and work around the world.

3/12/2015 White Paper: Veterans, Health Care & Jobs

Paralyzed Veterans of America and UnitedHealth Group collaborated on recommendations for resolving veterans’ and caregiver unemployment by promoting increased hiring in health sector occupations - clinical and nonclinical. The recommendations are outlined in this joint policy paper.

12/9/2014 25th Anniversary America’s Health Rankings Finds Increased Obesity and Physical Inactivity After Short-lived Improvements in 2013

Rising rates of obesity and physical inactivity threaten Americans’ quality of life, even as Americans progressed in several key health metrics in 2014, according to the landmark 25th Anniversary Edition of America’s Health Rankings®: A Call to Action for Individuals & Their Communities.

11/12/2014 Community-Based Mental Health Providers Need More Preparation to Better Care for Veterans, Study Suggests

Most community-based mental health providers are not well prepared to take care of the special needs of military veterans and their families, according to a new study by the RAND Corporation that was commissioned by United Health Foundation in collaboration with the Military Officers Association of America.

11/3/2014 White Paper: Delivering Innovation, Quality, and Access to U.S. Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families

UnitedHealth Group is committed to applying our leading innovations, data analytics, and expertise to ensure the service members, Veterans, and their families are receiving the best health care.

9/30/2014 Advancing Primary Care Delivery: Practical, Proven, and Scalable Approaches

Primary care is the foundation of the U.S. health care system and accounts for 55 percent of the 1 billion physician office visits each year in the United States, yet 50 million Americans live in areas with an under-supply of primary care physicians.

5/21/2014 United Health Foundation’s America’s Health Rankings Senior Report Finds Seniors Are Improving in Key Health Measures

(May 21, 2014) – Seniors are showing encouraging gains in key health measures and taking more steps to improve their own health, according to the second edition of United Health Foundation’s America’s Health Rankings® Senior Report: A Call to Action for Individuals and Their Communities.

4/29/2014 The Growth of Specialty Pharmacy: Current trends and future opportunities

Innovative specialty drugs are providing important cures and treatments, with new therapies expected in the near future.