Our Partners

The power of partnerships and collaboration is key to improving the health of our communities.

We partner with organizations committed to making health care better through innovation, local insight and perseverance in the face of tremendous challenges. Each year, we provide contributions and support to more than 2,300 organizations through our partnerships locally, nationally and internationally that are making a measurable difference in people's lives and the quality of their health care. Together with our partners, we're discovering new insights into the health of our communities and helping to create the path to a healthier future by: Connecting Individuals to Quality Care, Creating a 21st Century Health Workforce, Supporting Whole-Person Health and Serving Distinct Populations.

Creating a 21st Century Health Workforce

We are helping build healthier communities by working to create a modern health workforce that can meet distinct cultural needs, analyze complex data and provide the right type of care in the right setting.

Supporting Whole-Person Health

Many factors impact health, including where an individual lives, adequate housing and convenient transportation services. Our partnerships and mission go beyond health and access to care.

Serving Distinct Populations

We are committed to providing responsive, compassionate service to seniors, the military and veterans community, moms and kids in need, the chronically ill, and vulnerable and diverse communities.