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Improving Health Care Affordability

Why It Matters

We are committed to helping lower the cost of care both at an individual and system level by working across the health system – with governments, customers, providers and consumers – to help change the trajectory of health care spending. We are addressing health care costs through cost transparency, advancing value-based care, optimizing where patients receive care and lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

Improving Affordability

Transforming Pharmacy Care Services

Our pharmacy care services business, Optum Rx, goes beyond the prescription to provide care for the people we serve, using data and technology to synchronize pharmacy and medical benefits and empower physicians to make more informed decisions. This approach leads to improved health and a simpler more personalized customer experience, as well as lower total costs.

We are saving consumers:

Up to $189

per medication annually with discounts at the pharmacy counter.


per year by combining medical and pharmacy data.


How We’re Lowering Prescription Drug Costs

Prescription drug prices have grown 33% since 2014, faster than any other medical service. We are reducing drug costs for consumers and the health system with actionable policies and point-of-care tools.

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Improving Affordability

Optimizing Site of Service

We recognize there is a meaningful opportunity to drive greater affordability for consumers and the health system by helping people access high-quality care in a low-cost setting. We strive to provide those we serve with a convenient and cost-effective care experience, meeting them at the right place at the right time, whether that’s at home, virtually, at a local physician’s office, in a surgery center, or at a hospital.