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11/3/2014 Video: United for Our Veterans

UnitedHealth Group and the Paralyzed Veterans of America celebrate all that veterans bring to the workplace and our communities. Together, we are United for Our Veterans.

6/30/2013 UnitedHealthcare Grants Awarded to Non-profit Organizations in California Featured in Video

(July 30, 2013) - UnitedHealthcare is awarding more than $5 million in grants to California nonprofits to help strengthen health care infrastructure. Hispanic communities are among those that will benefit.

7/30/2013 UnitedHealthcare Kiosks Offering Las Vegas Residents Free Bilingual Health Information Featured in Video

(July 30, 2013) - UnitedHealthcare’s Health Plan of Nevada launched five interactive health kiosks that provide culturally relevant health and wellness information in English and Spanish for Las Vegas-area Hispanics/Latinos.

11/26/2012 Food for thought

Food for thought

3/11/2013 Video: JOIN for ME

(Mar 11, 2013) - JOIN for ME -- a first-of-its-kind, whole-family program to fight childhood obesity -- engages kids who struggle with extra weight, along with their parents, in a series of group sessions to achieve healthier weights through healthier family food choices, increased activity, and lifestyle improvement tracking.

5/21/2013 Caregiver PSA

(May 21, 2013) - Learn more about Medicare through the Caregiver Action Network (CAN).

1/22/2013 Video: CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta Covers UnitedHealthcare's New "Exergaming" Initiative to Reduce Childhood Obesity

(Jan. 22, 2013) - Watch CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta cover UnitedHealthcare’s new “exergaming” initiative to reduce childhood obesity through KONAMI’s DanceDanceRevolution (DDR) Classroom Edition.

4/24/2013 Video: Optum Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Module

(April 24, 2013) - With the advent of electronic medical records, doctors can potentially face large volumes of data for each patient. Learn how physicians at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center rely on Optum’s CDI Module, a sophisticated, intelligent clinical documentation improvement system, to help sift through all the data and deliver relevant, applicable information to ensure their patients get timely, high-quality care.

11/25/2012 Video: JOIN for ME - Melina Cabral

Learn about Melina Cabral, a participant in the JOIN for ME program. JOIN for ME, introduced in Rhode Island in 2011 by UnitedHealthcare, is a weight management program that helps generally healthy children reach a healthier weight and reduce their health risks through exercise, nutrition and support from their families and communities.

6/7/2012 Video: UnitedHealthcare 100@100 Survey

(06/07/2012) - With a growing number of seniors looking back on the past 100 years, and even more boomers looking ahead to reaching the century mark, the seventh annual UnitedHealthcare 100@100 Survey explored the secrets to aging success and what it will take for boomers to reach centenarian status, from those who know it best.