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8/15/2018 Study: Patients Do Better When Physicians Follow Computerized Alerts

When physicians follow computer alerts embedded in electronic health records, their hospitalized patients experience fewer complications and lower costs, leave the hospital sooner and are less likely to be readmitted, according to a study of inpatient care.

10/3/2018 High-Quality Hospitals Deliver Lower Cost Care 82% of the Time

High-quality hospitals deliver lower-cost care for 82% of diagnoses, according to a new analysis that Advisory Board released today on variations in care that do not improve care costs or patient outcomes.

3/31/2016 2015 Social Responsibility Report

At UnitedHealth Group, we are dedicated to making a positive difference in health. This report highlights how our people are helping build healthier communities through contributions of money and time to nonprofit organizations, and how we are working with our partners to support initiatives that improve health quality and outcomes today, and investing in a future health workforce that meets the needs of tomorrow.

6/30/2015 Report: Successful Medicaid Enrollment Strategies to Cover the Uninsured

Between 2013 and 2014 the number of adults without health care coverage fell by 8 million individuals, driven largely by an increase in Medicaid enrollment.

3/31/2017 2016 Social Responsibility Report

UnitedHealth Group, Optum and UnitedHealthcare and our partners have the opportunity and the privilege to improve the lives of millions of people around the world and help build healthier communities for everyone. In this report we share a few of our recent initiatives to improve the health and welfare of the neighborhoods where we live and work.

3/31/2015 2014 Social Responsibility Report

This report reflects the caring and compassion of UnitedHealth Group employees around the globe. At work and through volunteering, charitable giving and service to others, our employees demonstrate their conviction to strengthening the communities where they live and work around the world.

4/29/2014 The Growth of Specialty Pharmacy: Current trends and future opportunities

Innovative specialty drugs are providing important cures and treatments, with new therapies expected in the near future.

9/30/2014 Advancing Primary Care Delivery: Practical, Proven, and Scalable Approaches

Primary care is the foundation of the U.S. health care system and accounts for 55 percent of the 1 billion physician office visits each year in the United States, yet 50 million Americans live in areas with an under-supply of primary care physicians.

3/31/2013 2012 Social Responsibility Report

The people of this enterprise are supporting local efforts to build vibrant neighborhoods and donating their time, talents and funds at record levels to a host of worthy causes and charitable organizations to improve their communities and the lives of their neighbors. They are making a real difference by being engaged and active citizens, creating a more secure and hopeful future for millions of people. In this report, we share just a few of their stories.

12/5/2012 Farewell to Fee-For-Service? A “Real World” Strategy For Health Care Payment Reform

There is now widespread agreement that paying health care providers on a fee-for-service basis is a key factor affecting health care quality and affordability.