Video: Scarlet Says Good-Bye

November 25, 2012

UnitedHealth Educational Publishing Group™ is launching the new book, “Scarlet Says Good-Bye,” aimed at helping young children with loved ones entering hospice care. The author, Christine Thompson, is director of creative programs for UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement.

Talking to kids when a family member’s death is imminent can be painful and confusing. Often, hospice care providers are new faces coming at the end of a journey, and grownups are distracted and not always well-equipped to explain concepts of death and loss in terms kids can grasp. “Scarlet Says Good-Bye” is designed to help children and families understand not just what hospice care is, but how they can spend time with a parent or grandparent as their loved one approaches the end-of-life.

Thompson was named a UnitedHealth Group Innovation Award winner for her concept, and company employees selected her idea for a Light Bulb Moment Awards from among 20 different idea-stage concepts. Thompson received funding for her book with support from the UnitedHealth Group Innovation Council.

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