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Bridging the gap: How veterans thrive in careers at UnitedHealth Group

Key Takeaways

  • Veterans bring unique skills and values from their military service that are invaluable in the corporate world.
  • Personal experiences from Ishan, Ankita and Joseph highlight the seamless transition and supportive environment at UnitedHealth Group.
  • The Military Fellowship Program and military career events at UnitedHealth Group provide veterans with opportunities for growth and integration.
  • The health care industry benefits immensely from the adaptability, leadership and collaboration skills of veterans.

Every veteran's journey from military service to civilian life is unique, filled with challenges, memories and invaluable experiences. UnitedHealth Group recognizes the unparalleled skills and dedication that veterans bring, offering not just jobs but fulfilling careers that resonate with their values and aspirations.

The deep-rooted values of service and commitment that military service instills are invaluable in the corporate world. Discipline, dedication, teamwork, leadership and adaptability are qualities that veterans bring to the table. UnitedHealth Group has created an environment where these skills are integral to the company's success.

Personal perspectives: The military to Optum transition

Ishan's experience

Ishan B., who works in clinical operations at Optum, shares his journey from the military, showcasing the alignment of values between his service and his current position. "The camaraderie I felt in the military is mirrored in my team at Optum," Ishan reflects. His military training emphasized discipline, dedication and teamwork, values that have been instrumental in his success at Optum.

Anikta's journey

Ankita S., serving as the associate director of talent marketing for the APAC region at Optum, brings with her 13 years of service in the Indian Army. This experience instilled in her a deep sense of discipline, loyalty and integrity. "The purpose of making a community or a country stronger and better inspired me to join the defense forces," she shares. At Optum, she found a similar commitment to excellence and innovation. "Here at Optum, I have found the same belief in collective power to make an impact across all our communities," Ankita emphasizes.

Joseph's transition

Joseph N., a senior business analyst for Optum Home and Community based out of St. Johns, Florida, reflects on his transition deeply influenced by the legacy of service in his family. "When I think about my service journey and what inspired me to join the military, I think about my grandfather, my father and my uncle," he recalls. At Optum, he found a supportive environment that helped him integrate his military values into his corporate role. "Every day at Optum, I'm reminded of the mentorship and guidance I received during my military service," Joseph says.

The Military Fellowship Program: A stepping stone to a civilian career

Our Military Fellowship Program is a commitment to supporting veterans with the tools, resources and support they need to succeed in the corporate world. The program offers hands-on experience, mentorship and training.

UnitedHealth Group military career events

UnitedHealth Group is committed to ensuring veterans have ample opportunities to engage, learn and grow within the organization. Our military career events serve as platforms for dialogue, understanding and mutual growth. Veterans get an opportunity to interact with leaders, understand the company's culture and find roles that align with their skills.

A broader perspective: The implications in health care

The health care industry is dynamic, with challenges that require innovative solutions. Veterans, with their unique skill sets and experiences, are perfectly poised to drive this innovation. Their ability to adapt, lead and collaborate makes them invaluable assets.

At UnitedHealth Group, our dedication to veterans is unwavering. We deeply value the unique skills and experiences they bring, and we're committed to providing a supportive environment for their transition. Our aim is to be a place where veterans can continue their journey of making a difference. If you've served in the military and are looking for a place that recognizes and values your dedication, discover a role with us.

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