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Prioritizing employee health and happiness through benefits at UnitedHealth Group

Key takeaways:

  • The United Well-being program provides comprehensive resources across four pillars - physical, emotional, financial and life - to support employee well-being holistically.
  • Employees have access to a wide range of free benefits, including fitness programs, mental health services, financial coaching, work-life balance initiatives and more.
  • We aim to empower employees to prioritize their health and happiness.

At UnitedHealth Group, we understand that employee well-being is multi-faceted, encompassing physical, emotional, financial and overall life satisfaction. That's why we've developed the United Well-being program - a comprehensive initiative designed to support our employees in living their healthiest, happiest lives, both at work and at home.

The United Well-being program is built on four pillars: Life, Financial, Emotional and Physical, offering a wide range of resources and benefits at no cost to help our employees thrive in every aspect of their well-being.*

*Employee benefits may vary per geographical location, legal employer, and job classification, among other factors.

Physical well-being resources

When it comes to physical well-being, we make it easier to incorporate healthy choices into your daily routine. As Shelli H., a clinical well-being specialist at Optum, shares:

shelli headshot


"UnitedHealth Group provides the flexibility to work from home which, instead of a commute, allows more time in my day to exercise, prepare healthy meals and have quiet time to myself. UnitedHealth Group also provides a great benefit for access to Peloton programs including cardio, strength and running videos, the three types of classes I use the most."

Karen G., a practice performance Medicare consultant at UnitedHealth Group, also highlighted the physical benefits:

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"Late last year, I purchased a stand-up desk and a walking pad. The employee rewards program is rewarding me $50 for every month that I achieve my step goal for 12 days each month! I chose to have the reward in the form of HSA deposits, so the walking pad is essentially almost paid for, and the desk will be paid for soon if I meet my monthly step goals."

Our physical well-being resources include:

  • Health plans and insurance coverage options to fit your needs
  • Rewards for Health (Rally) incentive program to invest in your health while earning rewards
  • Nutrition resources like personal coaching, healthy recipes and on-site dining options
  • Fitness resources and discounts, including Peloton, gym memberships through OnePass, movement challenges and coaching
  • Clinical support for managing health conditions like diabetes, musculoskeletal issues, weight management, cancer care and more
  • Women's health and family-building support
  • Tobacco cessation program (Quit for Life®)


Emotional well-being resources

Your mental and emotional well-being are equally important to us. Kirti D.K., part of the Talent Acquisition team in Noida, India, highlighted our work-life culture:

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"The emphasis on work-life balance here is unlike any I've experienced elsewhere. Flexible working hours and the ability to work remotely help reduce stress and allow me to dedicate time to my personal health needs."

Alexandra B., a regional associate director at Optum Health, also highlighted how the wellness offerings support emotional balance:

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My son, who is eleven, and I also enjoy taking the Peloton meditation classes, especially the sleep classes, as they help to center and calm us after a long day of work or school.

Our emotional well-being resources include:

  • Resilience and mindfulness resources like self-guided courses through the AbleTo as well as Peloton apps
  • Family mental health support, including counseling, child/family coaching and caregiver solutions
  • Stress, anxiety and depression resources like the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), mental health coaching and crisis support


Financial well-being resources

Financial security plays a crucial role in overall well-being. Our financial well-being resources include:

  • Retirement and savings programs like the 401(k) plan, executive savings plan and health savings account
  • Personal banking and loan options through the UnitedHealth Group Credit Union
  • Financial coaching, education and learning opportunities
  • Employee discounts and reimbursement programs
  • Legal resources and group legal insurance


Life well-being resources

We aim to create an environment where you can show up as your authentic self, with opportunities for career growth, community connections and work-life balance. As Leyda U., a bilingual sales agent, shared:

leyda headshot


"From my first day of working for UnitedHealthcare, I have been dedicated to maximizing the benefits available to me. The company's supportive culture, including flexible schedules and wellness program, has reduced stress and fostered a sense of belonging, positively impacting my overall health and well-being."

Our life well-being resources include:

  • Family resources like back-up care, enhanced family supports, college coaching and caregiver solutions
  • Time away from work policies for PTO, holidays and leaves
  • Career growth and development opportunities through learning, development and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives
  • Employee Resource Groups to connect with colleagues who share similar interests or backgrounds
  • Giving and volunteering opportunities to make a positive impact in our communities

At UnitedHealth Group, we are committed to helping our employees live their healthiest, happiest lives. By taking advantage of the comprehensive resources offered through the United Well-being program, you can prioritize your holistic well-being and achieve a fulfilling work-life balance.

Learn more about the full range of benefits available to UnitedHealth Group employees.

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