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Celebrating AAPI heritage and inclusion through Employee Resource Groups.

Key takeaways:

  • UnitedHealth Group Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a crucial role in shaping an inclusive company culture.
  • Our Asians United ERG team members share their reflections during AAPI Heritage Month. 
  • UnitedHealth Group has made a $100 million investment to help create a more diverse and representative health workforce by 2033.


At UnitedHealth Group, inclusion and community connection shine in our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These groups are more than just a network; they’re a central part of our company’s culture, driving us toward a healthier, more equitable workplace. This AAPI Heritage Month, we spotlight the achievements and ongoing initiatives that make UnitedHealth Group a place where everyone belongs.

Understanding Employee Resource Groups

Our enterprise-wide Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are vibrant communities built for our inclusive workplace, focusing on the unique experiences, backgrounds and attributes that make each individual exceptional. ERGs at UnitedHealth Group serve as dynamic platforms where members can connect with teammates from across the enterprise, fostering a deeper sense of belonging and inclusion. They are spaces where employees feel empowered to be heard, supported, and valued by their peers and leaders. Through these groups, employees find a supportive network that not only acknowledges but celebrates the rich tapestry of diversity that each person brings to our workplace.


Celebrating AAPI heritage and inclusivity

At UnitedHealth Group, AAPI Heritage Month is a time of celebration and reflection. It’s an opportunity for all of us to embrace the diverse cultures and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders within our community. Martina K., a people team development associate, captures this, saying, 



martina headshot
“I’m super excited to celebrate AAPI month because it allows me to embrace my culture and identity. It also allows me to reflect and recognize the contributions made by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders before me and currently.”

Fostering connections and growth through ERGs

Our ERGs play a crucial role in shaping our inclusive culture. Abby B., a senior client services account manager, highlights her role as a communications co-pillar lead for the Asians United ERG, expressing excitement about the learning and connection it fosters. 



abby headshot
"I am so excited to be a part of that group and also to really have that opportunity to educate myself and learn more about all of the many countries that make up our Asians United ERG.”


Farha A., a senior capability analyst, shares a powerful perspective of unity, 

farha headshot
"I feel like because I stand out with the way I look; I’ve tended to take up these opportunities or search for them because I like to spread the message that we’re truly all the same. It’s enlightening and uplifting to know that others can share the same experiences as you.”

Our progress and path forward

With a remarkable 81% membership increase in our ERGs in 2023 and 39,000 participating employees, we’re on an upward trajectory. The diverse insights provided by ERGs are invaluable, helping us make deeper connections, learn from each other and address complex business problems with innovative solutions reflective of the communities we serve.


A commitment to equity and representation

UnitedHealth Group recognizes that an equitable workforce is key to our mission. That’s why we made a $100 million investment in creating a more diverse health workforce by 2033. This commitment, the largest single philanthropic commitment ever made by the United Health Foundation, will focus specifically on helping build a racially and ethnically diverse health workforce. Through philanthropic programs and partnerships, the funding will provide scholarships and support to 10,000 underrepresented future clinicians and upskilling health professionals to help obtain academic degrees or other professional credentials for clinical careers in medicine, nursing, midwifery, mental health and other specialties.


Your role in our story

Our team members’ experiences, insights and contributions are the fabric of our ERG success stories. As we move forward, we encourage you to join us in this journey of inclusion and celebration of AAPI heritage. 

Looking to join a workplace that supports diversity and connection? Learn more here.

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