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Making connections at UnitedHealth Group: A look inside our global office perks

Key takeaways:

  • Stories like Kimberly and Lillian’s highlight how UnitedHealth Group in-office culture fosters deep connections, turning colleagues into lifelong friends.
  • We’re committed to empowering our employees to feel their best with in-office health clinics, fitness centers, wellness programs and community-building events.
  • We encourage continuous learning and growth, offering resources for professional development and personal enrichment within a supportive workspace. 

At UnitedHealth Group, the office is more than a place of work—it's where lasting friendships are made and professional growth is nurtured. The vibrancy of our in-office culture is echoed in the stories of our employees and the perks each location offers.

Lifelong friends: Kimberly and Lillian

Nearly eleven years ago, Kimberly and Lillian embarked on their UnitedHealth Group journey as appeal processors. It was in their division's training class that they transitioned from strangers to a tight-knit family with their fellow trainees. Our company's focus on work relationships played a significant role in their professional lives and personal development.

"UnitedHealth Group has always made it a mission to magnify the importance of work relationships," Kimberly reflected. This resonated deeply with them, as they made a lasting connection. 

In a heartfelt post shared on UnitedHealth Group’s intranet, Kimberly recounted a memorable trip that celebrated more than a decade of friendship with Lillian: 

"Last week I was able to experience the birthday of a lifetime in Dubai with my very best friend. We met over 10 years ago right here in our training class. This is your sign that work relationships are just as important as any other relationship."



As they progressed in their careers, their bond expanded beyond the office walls. "Once we began working remotely, we decided to continue having virtual potlucks and engagements as a team to continue the team bonding we had experienced thus far," the testimonial shared. Their relationship has been a source of mutual inspiration, leading them to pursue degrees, invest in real estate and support each other's aspirations.

Their story highlights the value we place on internal relationships and the company's commitment to fostering a culture where employees can thrive both personally and professionally.

Elevating employee experience: Our global in-office perks

We understand that our employees are our greatest asset, and we're committed to investing in their health, well-being and career development. That's why we've tailored a range of in-office perks across our global locations, from the United States to the Philippines to India to Colombia. Each office is designed not just as a place to work, but as a space where our team members can thrive, connect and enjoy a host of benefits that make UnitedHealth Group a truly rewarding place to be. From comprehensive health coverage and wellness leaves to vibrant recreation areas and continuous learning opportunities, our perks are thoughtfully chosen to enrich the lives of those who make our company great.

Our employees enjoy a breadth of benefits that address unique lifestyles and needs. For more information about benefits visit our website. The below perks are not a comprehensive list but a few highlights that our colleagues from different regions wanted to share.

India office perks:


  • Family support: An on-site daycare facility is available for the children of all employees.
  • National gym membership: Employees have access to gym facilities through a partnership with a leading national fitness brand, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Nutritional guidance: A personalized nutrition consulting program assists employees in achieving their health goals with expert advice.
  • Mobile fitness management: Flexible and personalized on-demand services are available to help manage fitness routines.
  • Confidential counseling: Employees can access confidential counseling for financial, mental health, and other personal issues, ensuring comprehensive support.
  • Beverage amenities: Unlimited coffee and tea are available throughout the day.
  • Transport services: Convenient transport to and from the office is provided, easing the daily commute.
  • Health check-ups: Complimentary health check facilities on-site encourage regular health monitoring and preventive care.
  • Free parking: Ample parking space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Recreation and leisure: On-site recreation areas offer spaces for relaxation and engagement, promoting a balanced work environment.

Philippines office perks:

  • Health coverage from day one: Employees receive HMO coverage starting from their first day.
  • Retirement planning: Retirement benefits to secure the future of our employees.
  • Medical reimbursements: Generous medicine, dental, and optical reimbursements are in place.
  • Wellness leaves: Recognizing the need for balance, employees can take up to 25 paid wellness leaves annually, promoting a healthy work-life balance.
  • Beverage stations: Unlimited coffee, hot chocolate and tea from vending machines.
  • Parking benefits: Free parking to ease the daily commute. 
  • Fitness and recreation: A gym and dedicated games and recreation areas cater to physical health and offer spaces for relaxation and team bonding.

United States, Eden Prairie office perks:

  • On-site fitness centers: Fully-equipped gyms at our offices support the health and fitness goals of our employees.
  • Comprehensive health clinic: An on-site health clinic offers convenient, quality medical care within the workplace.
  • Smartspot for tech solutions: Smartspot stations provide expert staff assistance for seamless technology use, ensuring smooth work processes.
  • Digital wellness resources: Employees have access to exercise and mindfulness apps to maintain well-being.
  • Relaxing coffee shop: A coffee shop in the office serves as a perfect spot for a rejuvenating break or casual meetings.
  • Scenic walking paths: Beautifully landscaped walking paths encourage employees to refresh and recharge in nature.
  • Hassle-free parking: Free parking facilities add to the convenience of the workday, easing the daily commute.

Colombia, Bogota office perks:

  • Fresh fruit offerings: On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, employees can enjoy free fruit, promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Vending machine access: A food card provided by Optum allows employees to use vending machines, with a monthly value of COP $40,000.
  • Complimentary coffee stations: Free coffee stations provide a warm cup and a space for informal collaboration at any time of the day.
  • Well-being and focus room: Dedicated spaces where employees can take a moment to relax or focus away from their desks.
  • Fun Fridays: Celebratory events held twice a month that honor local and international festivities with food, shows, and contests for gifts.
  • Free parking: Convenient parking is available at no cost to ease the daily commute.
  • Connectivity bonus: An internet bonus to support employees who work from home.
  • Games and recreational areas: Facilities for playing games like ping pong, pool, and video games, fostering fun and connection among teams.

Find your next opportunity with us

As we continue to nurture an environment where every employee can thrive, we invite you to explore a career with UnitedHealth Group. Join us in a setting where your professional aspirations and personal well-being are our top priorities. Discover your next opportunity and become a part of our global team by visiting our job search page. Let's shape the future of health care together.

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