What Health Care Can Do When It's Caring and Smart

We are committed to providing valuable insights into health care policy discussions, and to helping solve large-scale health care challenges.

Chronic and complex diseases account for 86 percent of U.S. health care spending. UnitedHealth Group research offers insights into how to help prevent and address chronic disease.

Discover actionable policy solutions to advance state-based health care markets, stabilize coverage dynamics and improve affordability.

With better access to quality care, UnitedHealth Group puts patients at the center of their own health management. Learn how we’re working to improve health care delivery at Optum.

Savings Opportunities For Medicaid

New research finds pharmacy benefit management can save Medicaid over $100 billion.

Convenient Wellness Visits For Medicare Patients

We’re improving health care access for seniors by providing wellness visits in the comfort of their own homes.

A Digital Tool For Healthy Choices

Learn how our personalized, interactive health and wellness platform is helping patients make healthier lifestyle choices.

Making Health Care More Accessible

UnitedHealth Group is making affordable and convenient urgent care a reality with MedExpress locations across the country.

Simplifying the Health System

Discover how we’re helping guide patients with serious health challenges through the complexities of the health care system.

Advancing the Drug Prescribing Experience

We’ve made it quick and easy for providers to prescribe the most effective, lowest-cost medications for their patients.