Research & Development

We are pursuing practical innovation to address cost, quality and access to health care – from early stage research to pilot programs to new business models.

At UnitedHealth Group, we continually experiment, improvise and strive to create new products and services that aim to improve the health care system. 

Using a Permissioned Blockchain to Improve Provider Data Accuracy

UnitedHealthcare and Optum are members of the Synaptic Health Alliance that is exploring the use of blockchain technology to tackle the challenge of accurate and efficient provider data management and sharing.

ACO Fosters Quality Care at Lower Cost

Catalyst Health Network and UnitedHealthcare's accountable care organization (ACO) has improved the number of annual preventive screenings and lowered health care costs in North Texas. ACOs offer a care delivery model that shifts care provider reimbursement away from the traditional fee-for-service delivery model to a value-based approach.

Modernizing Care With Navigate4Me and Nerve Center

Navigate4Me and Nerve Center are part of UnitedHealthcare’s efforts to build the next generation of care management to better serve seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries. Data from digital devices flowing securely into Nerve Center enhances navigators’ ability to provide personalized, holistic support to people in Medicare Advantage plans.

Survey Says AI Key to Improving Health Care

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is key to building a better health care future, according to an OptumIQ survey of 500 U.S. health care leaders. The first wave of AI implementation focused on improving processes; combating waste, fraud and abuse; and maximizing the impact of devices such as wearable technology.

Advances in Digital Health Care

Technology continues to reshape health care, as people turn to telemedicine, wearables and other digital health resources that help encourage well-being and enable individuals to make more informed health care choices. UnitedHealthcare has launched new and enhanced digital health resources for employers and employees.

Leading the Way in Value-Based Care

UnitedHealthcare is leading the way in value-based care. This new model of health care promotes better health, better care and lower costs through innovative partnerships with care providers and consumers.  

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UnitedHealth Group invests more than $3.5 billion annually in innovation and technology. 

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Innovation is central to our mission and culture


UnitedHealth Group has a history of nurturing innovation across its businesses.