About the Center for Clinician Advancement

The Center for Clinician Advancement (CFCA) supports clinicians including nurses, social workers and pharmacists in their daily work and gives them a voice at the highest level of UnitedHealth Group. CFCA programs offer clinicians opportunities and incentives to grow, drive change and innovation, and enable business success.



In 2008, UnitedHealth Group launched the Center for Nursing Advancement (CFNA) to promote the development of nurse leaders with strong clinical skills and sharp business acumen to help drive systemic improvement in health care.

The CFNA grew from serving 6,000 nurses in 2008 to more than 20,000 nurses today, and became a critical component for promoting the profession by:

  • Increasing engagement by 8 percent
  • Cutting “quick quits” in half for exempt nurses
  • Establishing a strong and active nursing culture

To support even more UnitedHealth Group clinical professionals, the expanded Center for Clinician Advancement was born at the end of 2015. Today, pharmacists, social workers and nurses rely on the CFCA for developmental and collaborative initiatives.


The health care industry is in a period of seismic shifts: policy developments, changing demographics, community-based care models and digital solutions all put pressure on health care systems to adapt quickly. As one of the nation’s largest employers of clinicians, UnitedHealth Group strives to create a culture that attracts and retains clinical professionals and supports their personal and professional development, so they can be leaders and standard-bearers for quality through these rapid changes in the health care environment.


The CFCA is committed to fostering collaboration and innovation among public and private sector partners, academic institutions and other stakeholders to advance clinical professions and meet the demands of health care modernization.

As a thought leader in the health care industry, the CFCA serves as a catalyst and driver to enable clinicians to help people live healthier lives and help make the health system work better for everyone.

The CFCA also recognizes that clinicians need strong capabilities, a focus on the consumer and collaborative communities to advance in an ever-changing environment. It hosts programs to improve clinician engagement and retention, and empower clinicians to lead and embody the UnitedHealth Group values of integrity, relationships, innovation, performance and compassion.