Addressing Critical Health and Wellness Needs in the San Francisco Bay Area

December 13, 2021 | 3 Min Video

Optum and John Muir Health are building on first-year results of a $1 million three-year pro bono collaboration launched in 2020 to address critical health and wellness needs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Together with local community organizations, team members are donating time and professional expertise to help the organizations enhance the essential services they provide. Now entering the program’s second year, Optum volunteers are supporting 13 different projects for 12 community-based organizations.


What They Did

In the first year of the program, volunteers worked with 16 different community-based organizations on projects to reduce food insecurity, increase access to behavioral health programs and support economic security.

Reducing Food Insecurity

Thousands of Californians are experiencing food insecurity due to job losses and economic challenges resulting from the pandemic. Food insecurity is also a major problem for seniors. Optum partnered to enhance Meals on Wheels Diablo Region’s corporate giving strategy over the past year to attract more corporate sponsors to meet the increased need.

The Impact: “I was sitting here by myself with nobody, no family, and my little food fairy knocks at my door, bringing my breakfast bag. It was the answer to my shortage of food and the feeling that I was not alone in the world.” – Linda, a senior citizen from Brentwood, California

Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors

The Contra Costa Family Justice Center reports that the number of clients it served increased 14% from 2019 to 2020, including families affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, child and elder abuse, and human trafficking. With support from Optum consultants, the center created a webpage with resources to help survivors of interpersonal violence prepare to leave an abusive situation.

The Impact: Soon after the page was created, a woman who had escaped an abusive relationship came into the center seeking assistance. She learned about the center after searching online and finding the new survivors' webpage. The center connected her with an advocate to help her with safety planning and filing a restraining order. The survivors’ page is now the most popular page on the website.


The Optum and John Muir Health Partnership

Learn about Optum’s comprehensive relationship with John Muir Health to advance delivery of high-quality, convenient and affordable health care to patients in the Bay Area.