UnitedHealthcare and UWH of North Carolina to Address Maternal Health Needs With Group Prenatal Care Initiative

October 20, 2021 | 4 min Read
  • $175,000 from UnitedHealthcare will support the implementation of new CenteringPregnancy sites at OB-GYN practices in North Carolina

UnitedHealthcare and UWH of North Carolina, an affiliated medical practice of Unified Women’s Healthcare, today announced an initiative using the group prenatal care model, CenteringPregnancy, to improve outcomes and reduce racial and social disparities among mothers in North Carolina by providing access to quality maternal care.

With $175,000 in support from UnitedHealthcare, the collaboration with UWH of North Carolina will launch the CenteringPregnancy initiative at Laurel OB-GYN in Asheville; Catawba Women’s Center in Hickory; Carteret OB-GYN and Associates in Morehead City; and Wayne Women’s Clinic in Goldsboro. These locations were identified in collaboration with local health care providers as practices that may benefit from the introduction of CenteringPregnancy.

CenteringPregnancy is an evidence-based model of group prenatal care shown to improve a wide range of birth outcomes including lowering the risk of preterm births, reducing low birth weights, increasing rates of breastfeeding, increasing postpartum depression screenings and promoting healthier pregnancy spacing. The initiative brings together up to 12 people with similar due dates, their partners, support people and health care team to meet for 10 prenatal visits. Participants engage in their care by measuring their weight and blood pressure, recording their health data and meeting privately with their provider for the clinical assessment.

The funding will also provide support to sustain four current CenteringPregnancy sites at Chapel Hill OB-GYN in Chapel Hill; Triangle Physicians for Women in Cary; Durham Women’s Clinic in Durham; and Lyndhurst OB-GYN in Winston-Salem.

“We recognize that poor maternal health outcomes remain high among women in North Carolina, and that Black women and infants represent a disproportionate share of adverse outcomes," said Anita Bachmann, CEO, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of North Carolina. “Access to quality prenatal health care will help close the gap on health inequity. We are proud to partner with UWH of North Carolina to address disparities and improve maternal health outcomes in North Carolina."

“Addressing maternal and prenatal health inequity means challenging the status quo to transform health care in North Carolina," said Dr. Barrett Gunter, OB-GYN at Durham Women's Clinic and Unified Women's Healthcare medical director. "We applaud UnitedHealthcare for recognizing the importance of maternal and child health in improving care for all pregnancies across the state."

According to March of Dimes, North Carolina ranks higher in the preterm birth rate compared to the national average, and the preterm birth rate among Black women is 46% higher than all other women. North Carolina also has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting 808 infant deaths since 2019. Overall, Black women have at least twice the rate of severe maternal morbidity and are at least three times as likely to die from pregnancy-related complications, compared to white women.

The CenteringPregnancy initiative is one of several that UnitedHealthcare, along with its parent company UnitedHealth Group, is launching to address maternal health outcomes throughout the United States. Recent initiatives include nearly $14 million in philanthropic grants to support maternal health, and $2.85 million in support to March of Dimes for a public-private partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services that aims to reduce the Black-white disparity gap and improve maternal health outcomes.

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