Pay equity

We are committed to and continue to prioritize pay equity for all employees. Fair and equitable compensation practices within a pay-for-performance framework support our culture and are critical to achieving our mission. 

We continue to work with independent, third-party experts to perform reviews of our compensation practices and evaluate pay equity in several respects, including by gender, ethnicity and race. 

A 2023 review of our integrated workforce — including our global operations — indicates females earn $1 for every $1 males earn performing similar work at similar levels. In addition, people of color in the U.S. earn $1 for every $1 white employees earn performing similar work at similar levels. 

In addition, to prevent pay inequities at hire, we do not ask candidates in the U.S. about salary history during the hiring process. This practice helps us remove any bias that can come from the crafting of initial compensation packages based on salary history.