Black History Month Spotlight: Leye Oyetunji Models, Spreads Joy Among Clinicians

February 07, 2022 | 3 min Read

Black History Month is a time to honor Black Americans’ contributions to shaping the success of our nation, as well as UnitedHealth Group and those we serve. This month, we’re recognizing Leye Oyetunji who supports clinicians’ well-being as a sponsor of the company’s Joy in Practice program.

Program to Increase Joy, Reduce Burnout

The pandemic has taken a toll on health care providers’ mental health. Clinician burnout, which was already a concern before the pandemic, is now as high as 55%, according to a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation survey.

In 2019, Leye Oyetunji, pharmacy operations director, Optum Rx, volunteered to sponsor UnitedHealth Group’s Joy in Practice program, designed to reduce burnout and increase professional joy among clinicians. 

Physician Burnout
  • 55%

    of physicians affected by burnout

The program is an interactive web experience with clinically supported tools and resources, such as mental health check-ins and reflection, joy break podcasts, “cleansing bonfire” reflection sessions, self-introspection tips and more.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Across UnitedHealth Group, thousands of clinicians have used the Joy in Practice resources that focus on purpose, meaning, uncertainty, renewal and stress management. And when COIVD-19 hit, Joy in Practice was just what Leye’s team of pharmacy care specialists needed.

“Since starting the Joy in Practice program, year over year we’ve seen an increase in our joy and a reduction in our burnout,” says Leye, who strives to model a joyful mindset each day on the job, which he says is contagious.

“I’m proud to be a part of a company that prioritizes clinicians’ well-being.”

Joy In Practice Impact
  • 3430

    people registered to attend reflection sessions
  • 2500

    listens to the Joy in Practice Podcast

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Center for Clinician Advancement

The Joy in Practice program is one of the many personal and professional development resources that UnitedHealth Group’s Center for Clinician Advancement makes available to clinicians as it works to build a modern, high-performing health system.

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