In the United States, the cost of care is continuing to rise. 43% of working-age adults did not have stable health insurance coverage last year, and 25% of adults with "adequate coverage" reported trouble paying medical bills in 2020, according to the Commonwealth Fund.


Speaking at a virtual event on health care costs hosted by Axios, OptumHealth Chief Executive Officer Dr. Wyatt Decker discussed opportunities to improve affordability by reducing health care cost trends and reducing out-of-pocket expenses for consumers.


A Conversation with Dr. Decker 

UnitedHealth Group sponsored a virtual event hosted by Axios on Friday, Jan. 15, about policy solutions to improve health care affordability and reduce per-person spending. Watch the replay. 

Solutions to Improve Health Care Affordability and Reduce Costs

Read the Q&A below to learn more about issues and solutions Dr. Decker discussed with Axios Vice President of Communications Yolanda Taylor Brignoni. 


The Path Forward

The Path Forward outlines our perspective on how to create a modern, high-performing health system that works better for everyone.
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