Veterans Day: A Time to Reflect

November 11, 2020 | 2 min Read

Today, on Veterans Day, UnitedHealth Group is honoring those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Every day veterans contribute their passion and unique perspectives to our organization, building compassionate and open-minded relationships within UnitedHealth Group.

“Veterans Day is a noble and honorable American tradition during which every American citizen can participate,” said Army Lt. Gen. Patty Horoho, CEO, OptumServe, who also served as 43rd Army Surgeon General. “The essence of Veterans Day is to pay tribute to those men and women who have worn the cloth of our nation — in service and defense of our freedoms and the democracy we enjoy.”

In Their Own Words

In the spirit of celebrating Veterans Day, here are inspiring words from a few of the many veterans who contribute their talents to our organization.

“President Calvin Coolidge said it best, ‘A nation which forgets its defenders will be itself someday forgotten.’ Let’s not forget our veterans. So, on this Veterans Day and each opportunity throughout the year, please join me in showing our gratitude to the defenders of our democracy."

- Army Lt. Gen. Patty Horoho, CEO, OptumServe

How We Support Veterans and Their Spouses

This year, UnitedHealth Group and OptumServe were ranked Top Ten in the nation at No. 6 on the 2021 Military Friendly® Employers list. UnitedHealth Group was also designated a Top Ten 2021 Military Friendly Spouse Employer at No. 7. Top-ten recognition is the highest award an organization can receive. Learn more about the awards.

Among the most significant contributors to UnitedHealth Group’s achievements this year are the Military Internship Program, Inclusion & Diversity initiatives that align with hiring and retention efforts, and steadfast support from leaders across the enterprise.

The United Health Foundation is supporting the health of military service members, veterans and their families with the release of the America’s Health Rankings 2020 Health of Those Who Have Served Report.


America’s Health Rankings 2020 Health of Those Who Have Served Report

The report includes 29 measures of population health to present a comprehensive look at the health of those who have served.