UnitedHealthcare's New My ScriptRewards Enables People to Share Cost Savings on Select Medications

October 29, 2018
  • Innovative cost-savings program awards plan participants up to $500 in prepaid debit cards for other medical expenses 

  • Select antivirals used to treat HIV will be the first medications included in My ScriptRewards

UnitedHealthcare, a UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) company, is introducing My ScriptRewards, a new program that shares prescription cost savings directly with plan participants who choose doctor-approved, guideline-recommended and cost-effective medications.

My ScriptRewards offers UnitedHealthcare plan participants the opportunity to realize additional cost savings and earn up to $500 in prepaid debit cards to use toward medical expenses, including other prescriptions and doctor's office copays, when they do the following:

  • consult their doctor to choose the lower-cost regimen that is right for them;
  • fill an eligible prescription at their pharmacy for $0 out-of-pocket;
  • activate My ScriptRewards online ( or over the phone;
  • receive the first $250 prepaid debit card via U.S. mail within one month; and
  • continue using the eligible medication for six months to receive the second $250 prepaid debit card.

"My ScriptRewards helps make prescription drugs more affordable and promotes access to clinically effective medications so that people can achieve their best health," said Richard Migliori, M.D., chief medical officer of UnitedHealth Group. "We are educating people on lower-cost medications that may be right for them, encouraging them to talk to their doctor and ultimately helping them engage in decisions about their health care."

Select antivirals used to treat HIV will be the first medications included in My ScriptRewards due to the challenges that come with managing a high-cost medical condition. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the lifetime cost of treating HIV is estimated at nearly $380,000.

There are several HIV treatment regimens recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services, yet the cost among them can vary significantly. Through My ScriptRewards, plan participants can receive certain guideline-recommended HIV medications with proven effectiveness for no cost at the time of purchase. The most cost-effective treatment regimens available through UnitedHealthcare for $0 out of pocket include:*

  • Cimduo® + Tivicay® (two-pill regimen)
  • Cimduo + Isentress®/Isentress HD® (three-pill regimen)

My ScriptRewards is now available to people enrolled in UnitedHealthcare fully insured employer-based benefit plans, and will be available to self-insured customers in November 2018. UnitedHealthcare plans to expand My ScriptRewards to include other high-cost specialty drug categories in the future.

Providing access to guideline-recommended medications at a lower cost is another way UnitedHealthcare is helping people get the full value from their pharmacy benefits. My ScriptRewards is part of UnitedHealthcare's broader effort to simplify pharmacy benefits, deliver savings directly to consumers and improve the health care experience.

*Triumeq® and other guideline-recommended HIV treatments remain available with a cost share.

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A program that shares cost savings and promotes access to clinically-effective medications.