OptumRx Earns PBMI Excellence Award for BriovaLive, Industry's First Specialty Pharmacy Video Consultation Program

March 01, 2016
  • Program lauded for increasing adherence rates and patient understanding of complex specialty drug therapies

OptumRx's specialty pharmacy, BriovaRx®, has received the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI) Excellence Award in Quality Improvement for its BriovaLive™ video consultation program.

BriovaLive enables patients to schedule private, tailored appointments with a BriovaRx specialty pharmacist via webcam, on any type of device, to address their unique questions, apprehensions or concerns about new prescriptions.

A recent BriovaRx study revealed a 7 percent increase in the number of adherent patients when they participated in BriovaLive video consultations1 . Since low medication-adherence rates cost the health care system $100 billion to $300 billion in unnecessary medical spending2 every year, BriovaLive is an essential tool in helping to reduce those preventable costs and ensuring proper use of prescriptions.

"This recognition confirms that BriovaLive helps patients prescribed specialty drug therapies overcome the unique challenges they face, such as learning to self-administer complex  treatment regimens," said Michael Zeglinski, senior vice president of specialty pharmacy, OptumRx. "Our Patient Care Coordinators and highly-trained pharmacists provide patients with the support, encouragement and reassurance to help them feel secure about their treatment, so they can focus on living healthier lives."

"This year we had a record number of submissions for our annual awards, and we congratulate OptumRx for its outstanding efforts to make Specialty Pharmacy more personalized for patients and caregivers who are dealing with challenging health conditions," said Jane Lutz, executive director of PBMI. "Programs like BriovaLive help ensure that patients have the support they need to take their medications safely and effectively, and provide a human touch that is often just as important."

The BriovaLive video consultation process virtually places a pharmacist alongside the patient – and his or her caregiver, if desired – as the first medication shipment is opened, with a personalized and collaborative conversation that may include:

  • "unboxing" of medication and supplies, and help with assembling any devices;
  • injection training for proper technique with live feedback;
  • education about side effects, drug interactions and proper medication storage; and
  • discussions on overall health management to uncover hurdles to patient well-being and to manage coexisting medical conditions.

BriovaRx's commitment to patient well-being and satisfaction is a key driver in structuring its patient programs. Nearly all participating patients believe the video consultation is an improvement over traditional phone conversations with their pharmacies, with 96 percent reporting that they better understand how to use their medicinei.

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