Optum Health Nurse Champions Clinician Advancement

The United States is in need of more skilled nurses to meet nursing shortages, says a report on the future of nursing by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences.

Giving nurses support to advance their education and licensure enhances their careers. It’s also key to caring for more patients and meeting the public’s ever-increasing health needs.

UnitedHealth Group’s Center for Clinician Advancement fosters an environment where clinicians lead change, advance health and transform the health system. The company’s three-year “RN-to-MSN” continuing education program provided in partnership with Capella University is specifically designed to align with UnitedHealth Group’s tuition reimbursement program and minimize participants’ out-of-pocket expenses.

*According to the American Nurses Association

In 2022*:
  • 500K

    seasoned RNs are expected to retire in the United States
  • 1.1M

    new RNs will be needed for expansion and to replace retirees

Pursuing, Promoting Professional Development

Nancy Shivers is one of UnitedHealth Group’s registered nurses who has completed the RN-to-MSN program and has been a strong advocate for the Center and its partnership with Capella.

“I’m proud to say I work for Optum/UnitedHealth Group — an organization that values its employees and recognizes the importance of investing in their education,” Shivers said. “This investment benefits employees, the organization, its clients and — most importantly — our patients.”

Nancy is currently pursuing a Doctor of Healthcare Administration with a specialization in quality and analytics at Capella with the assistance of a $20,000 scholarship from UnitedHealth Group.

“The value of continued education is necessary to remain competitive — especially in the health care industry. By advancing her knowledge and inspiring many others throughout the company to do the same, Nancy’s helping UnitedHealth Group remain on the cutting edge of health care.”

Renee Gauss Case Management Manager, Optum Health

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Center for Clinician Advancement

The RN-to-MSN continuing education program is one of the many personal and professional development resources that UnitedHealth Group’s Center for Clinician Advancement makes available to clinicians as it works to build a modern, high-performing health system.