Optum Intelligent Electronic Data Interchange (iEDI)


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    For Legacy Emdeon (OKC) Customers:

    • Getting started is easy. Simply complete this Optum iEDI Intake Form to provide our team with the necessary data to create your iEDI account(s).
    • Important: Please designate yourself as a Channel Partner on the form. You do not need to fill it out if you have submitted an intake form already.
    • An Optum team member will be in touch, with the technical contact provided, to share information necessary for the setup. 


    Claims Payer List for Legacy Emdeon (OKC) Customers now on iEDI:

    Note: If there is a Y* in the Enrollment column and you were previously enrolled with that payer through the Legacy Emdeon (OKC) platform, you do not have to re-enroll to submit claims.


    About the intelligent EDI solution

    With Optum’s Intelligent EDI (or iEDI) solution, care providers can submit medical claims easily, whether they are large health systems or small, independent family practices. The portal enables providers to submit claims manually or upload and securely transfer larger files.

    Optum’s intelligent EDI has a proven track record. The portal already serves as the front-end claim submission tool for many UnitedHealthcare providers and has been used in the market for many years. 

    Developed separately and outside of the Change Healthcare environment, the intelligent EDI was not impacted by the Change cybersecurity incident. Closely monitored by our internal and external security experts, it has been in continuous operation, processing claims and payments on behalf of providers, throughout the Change Healthcare service disruption.


    Accelerating the transition

    Optum’s client management and account teams are committed to helping Change Healthcare customers transition to the Optum intelligent EDI clearinghouse as quickly as possible and with no out-of-pocket cost or new contracts.

    Our teams are proactively engaging customers to understand their specific needs and transition them to the intelligent EDI as quickly as possible.

    We recommend individual providers and smaller practices who do not currently have a dedicated Optum account manager work directly with their revenue cycle management partners to help them facilitate the transition on their behalf.

    Additionally, our account managers are also proactively reaching out to channel partners to engage their clients directly as well.

    If you are a new (non-OKC) customer, please see the iEDI payer list here as a referenceThe lists reflect the payers our providers can reach electronically through direct connections or third-party clearinghouse connections.


    To learn about transitioning to iEDI, work with your client manager directly. 
    For general inquiries, use this form.