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Empowering growth: UnitedHealth Group’s approach to customer service excellence

When it comes to a fulfilling career in customer service, many of us yearn for more than just a day-to-day job. With UnitedHealth Group you can find just that—a workplace that provides a nurturing environment and effective tools to help you grow in myriad ways. But don't just take it from us; hear it firsthand from Valentina, a team lead at Optum, who’s been able to build an enriching career right here.

More than a job: It's about development

If you're anything like Valentina, you'll find yourself "constantly curious about the development path" from the get-go. It's not just about climbing the corporate ladder, but about expanding your skill set, contributing to the team, and making an impact on the health care industry. To support this quest for growth, UnitedHealth Group offers an array of trainings, workshops, and development programs.

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“I've experienced opportunities like the New Manager Program and the Make it Matter workshop,” shares Valentina. “These programs provided me with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools for self-management, people management, conflict resolution, and fostering a growth mindset."

Tailored programs for meaningful growth

At Optum, the Talent Development Team has crafted specialized programs to help customer service representatives cultivate professional competencies. Valentina, for example, benefited from guidance and mentorship offered through these initiatives. "This was the key for me to develop a leadership path," she says.

We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t cut it when it comes to personal and professional development. That’s why our programs are designed to offer something for everyone, regardless of where they are in their career trajectory.

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Navigating career transitions

You might start as a Customer Service Representative, but the learning never stops. Valentina’s journey from a customer service role to becoming a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for her team is a testament to this dynamic atmosphere.

"During my time as a SME, I recognized the need to develop a tool to help our team perform better. I also had a temporary assignment as a team lead, which equipped me with multiple skills," Valentina explains. "By 2023, I was officially in the Team Lead position. It's not just about upward movement; it's about lateral growth and expanding your competencies.”

Support beyond the workplace

Not all growth happens within the confines of your job description. Sometimes, personal development enriches your professional life in ways you hadn't anticipated. Valentina found this to be true, saying, "This experience has positively impacted my personal growth, teaching me how to manage conflict, lead initiatives, and set and achieve my personal goals."

Valentina’s colleagues have also contributed to her personal growth. “I have felt completely supported by my direct leaders and the operations management,” Valentina says. 

Your next step in customer service awaits

So, are you looking for a career where you can employ empathy and problem-solving skills to make a real difference? UnitedHealth group offers roles in both customer service and claims, where you can truly find the meaning behind the words Caring. Connecting. Growing together.

If you want to join a customer service team that supports your growth both personally and professionally, this is the right place for you. Explore our open roles today.

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