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Celebrating women’s voices at UnitedHealth Group 

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

“It’s a time to acknowledge women who don’t fear a challenge, and to thank women who have marched for our voices to be heard.”

– Sandra Z., Operational Trainer



“The contributions of women around the world need to be included in the conversation and celebrated. I also think about all the incredible women leaders at UnitedHealth Group. My team is led by Brandy E., who casts a leadership shadow that inspires a following. Like many great leaders here, Brandy is not just a woman leader, she’s a people leader who practices cultivating leadership in all of her direct reports. It’s great to say that we have leaders who are not just women, but women on a mission.

– Tahiti C., Knowledge Analyst

“This day serves as a reminder that women’s dreams have no limitations except those that we place on them. And that we should cheer each other on and build each other up.”

– Almira P., Sr. Recruitment Operations Specialist


“It means having a focus on issues that shouldn’t – and can’t – be ignored. A time when my sisters and allies all around the world can come together and show everyone how we make changes for a better world.

– Marlissa H., Training Leader


“For me, it’s a day where we celebrate the power we have within. We celebrate the women who are making strides in the workplace. The mother at home raising her children. The young lady starting her first day of kindergarten. The college student striving for a degree. We, as women, can move mountains. We can change the world, one woman at a time. This is a day that says stand in your power and your beauty and embrace the power you possess.”

– Lisa K., DSNP Advocate

How does UnitedHealth Group create an environment that supports and celebrates women?

“I can give you two quick examples. Over 40% of leadership at UnitedHealth Group is now female, with increasing efforts to bring even more women into leadership roles. And our Employee Resource Groups provide safe spaces to network and discuss important issues that affect women, especially in terms of career mobility and work-life balance.”

– Tahiti C., Knowledge Analyst

It’s clear that we at Optum are serious about celebrating and supporting women in the workplace. And it’s not just ticking a box to say that we are a women-friendly organization. It’s about recognizing the impact women can have on teams and the value that having female representation adds to our products and services.

– Aisling H., Sr. Technical Project Manager

Our perspectives and backgrounds are valued here. It’s the kind of support that doesn’t hold you back from putting yourself out there. Optum works toward fair outcomes and opportunities for everyone.”

– Almira P., Sr. Recruitment Operations Specialist


If you could sum up International Women’s Day in just one word, what would it be?


It’s an opportunity to recognize the contribution and impact that women make. And to take a step back and find ways to make it easier for women to contribute.

–  Aisling H., Sr. Technical Project Manager



A reminder that women all over the world are deserving of honor and respect.

–  Tahiti C., Knowledge Analyst



Each woman is a powerful testimony of strength, beauty and perseverance.

– Lisa K., DSNP Advocate



It takes courage to be an ally for women. My hope is that more people find the courage to become allies.

– Marlissa H., Training Leader



The hope that other women and girls from all walks of life have a path for their journey to begin. And hope that they can see someone who represents them and reminds them that there’s no limit on what we can achieve.

– Sandra Z., Operational Trainer


Women are catalysts and stimulate change no matter what situation they are in.

– Almira P., Sr. Recruitment Operations Specialist


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