Digital interviewing

At UnitedHealth Group, we strive to innovate with new processes like digital video interviews. Whether you are applying for an on-site, hybrid or remote role, you may be part of a digital video interview. We’ve compiled some tips in the Digital Interviewing section below to help you through the process.

Interviewing digitally

At UnitedHealth Group, we encourage and invest in new ideas. We leverage practical and purposeful innovation to create value and benefit for everyone, especially you. One example of this is digital video interview technology.

Benefits of video interviews

  • You can complete your interview anytime, anywhere.
  • Your completed interview can be shared with multiple people at UnitedHealth Group, helping expedite our review process while respecting your valuable time.
  • You can bring your resume to life by telling your story on video.
  • Each candidate is asked the same questions in the same way. Before you begin you get a practice question to warm up!

In order to participate, you will need a smartphone, tablet or webcam with a microphone and high-speed internet access.

Is this your first time completing a digital video interview?

No problem! Our digital video interviewing process will allow you to complete a practice question before you begin the recorded interview to increase your comfort level with the technology. The practice question isn’t recorded and can be completed as often as necessary until you’re ready to begin. You’ll have three minutes to complete each response; a timer will count down and alert you when your time has almost run out.

Tips for making the most of your video interview

  • This is a real interview! Be sure to treat it the same way you would treat an in-person interview.
  • The interview is not live; a question will appear on the screen and your answer will be recorded. In most instances, you will have an opportunity to re-record your video response up to three times. Practice in advance so you can feel confident with being yourself. We want to see your personality!
  • Be sure to frame yourself in your camera lens, speak clearly and make eye contact with the camera, not your image on the screen.
  • Remember to be yourself. You don’t need to be perfect. Focus on your passion for the role and bringing your resume to life!

For additional information on the digital interview process or for technical questions, visit the Modern Hire’s Support Page or call:

US: 1-877-451-1695

Australia: 61 1 3002 12175

Canada: 888-838-8331

UK: 44 800 640 8045

Digital video interview fraud
We have received reports of fraudulent emails claiming they are sent from UnitedHealth Group, Optum or UnitedHealthcare recruiting personnel. Modern Hire is the only authorized online interviewing tool used by UnitedHealth Group. If you have questions, concerns, or suspect fraud, please click here.