American Lung Association: Taking Big Steps to Tackle Childhood Asthma

September 01, 2015
grant check issuance

United Health Foundation is helping support the “Partners for Asthma Action” project with a grant to the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest. 

United Health Foundation has partnered with the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest to help support their "Partners for Asthma Action" project in 90 clinics across the Midwest. Partners for Asthma Action aims to improve the health and quality of life of more than 180,000 low-income children living with asthma in five Midwest cities.

A $2 million grant from United Health Foundation supports the project's four goals:

  • reduce the costs of asthma care in these Midwest communities by reducing unnecessary health care utilization;
  • enhance awareness of asthma treatment and education resources;
  • establish a sustainable capacity of local public health and social service agencies to remove asthma environmental triggers; and
  • identify and refer children with poorly managed asthma to specialists.

The grant is part of United Health Foundation's "Helping Build Healthier Communities" program. Helping Build Healthier Communities provides critical resources to nonprofit, community-based organizations across the country to improve people's health with the help of local programs designed to improve the quality of care. The Partners for Asthma Action project will be implemented in coordination with local clinics, and success measurements will include significant improvement in asthma health outcomes and control, and significant reduction in the complexity and cost of care.

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American Lung Association Receives $2 Million Grant from United Health Foundation to Help Build Healthier Communities in the Midwest

Website: American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest