Investing in a Culturally Competent Health Workforce

September 14, 2017

Hear from our Diverse Scholars Initiative partners on what it means to them to serve their communities and provide culturally competent care.

Accessing culturally competent care is a barrier to health care for many. When individuals enter the health care system, it is important for them to find providers who can understand their culture and perspective. Culturally competent care helps all people live healthier lives and helps make the health system work better for everyone.

“Once the patient gets in front of you, you’ve already overcome the major barrier: Access,” says Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, president and dean, Morehouse School of Medicine. ”The cultural competence value proposition is what you do in that exchange.”

United Health Foundation’s Diverse Scholars Initiative invests in the future health workforce to help ensure our nation’s health care system is the most effective and innovative system in the world. By partnering with organizations focused on educating and training a diverse and culturally competent workforce, together we’re building a workforce that reflects society at large, ready to meet future health care needs.

“Having a health workforce that includes providers who are culturally competent means that we will be able to help people overcome those systemic fears they have and find the health care services and support they need,” says Cheryl Crazy Bull, president and CEO, American Indian College Fund.

Learn more about our Diverse Scholars Initiative and meet some of the partners who are helping us build a 21st century health workforce.