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Growing careers: Internal mobility at UnitedHealth Group

Key takeaways:

  • UnitedHealth Group emphasizes employee growth, with over 37,000 promotions in 2022, showcasing a strong commitment to professional development at all career stages.
  • Career growth stories highlight the nurturing culture that supports both professional and personal development.
  • Targeted talent management programs and development opportunities ensure every employee has the tools to succeed.



At UnitedHealth Group, we are committed to fostering an environment that supports and accelerates the career growth of our employees. From those just starting their professional journey to seasoned leaders, our organization provides a nurturing backdrop for continuous learning, advancement and innovation.

Here's how we foster an environment where every employee has the opportunity to thrive:

  • Expansive talent management programs: These promote a culture of investment and accountability in building a diverse workforce by ensuring that diverse talent is identified and included in all succession plans.
  • Promotions and mobility: In 2022 alone, our proactive approach to career advancement enabled 37,000 employees to achieve promotions.
  • Career coaching resources: We offer internal career coaching resources to help employees reach their goals through confidential guidance.
  • Learning and development opportunities: We provide team members with learning opportunities that cover networking, interviewing and resume writing to assist in their career advancement. 

Let's pivot to the inspiring stories of how these resources played a pivotal role in the career growth and success of our team members.

Steady progression: Anupama B. – A decade of growth and leadership

Anupama’s career at UnitedHealth Group began in August 2011 as an associate software engineer. Over the years, her journey through various roles and responsibilities has been nothing short of inspirational.

headshot of women wearing glasses

"When I initially joined the organization, I was part of a two-member Optum Global Advantage support team... Over the years, I have progressed in my career and currently hold the role of software engineering lead for the DataRAP team," Anupama shares. Her progression to software engineering lead, marked by stints as developer, lead, scrum master, system analyst and product owner, highlights the broad spectrum of growth opportunities available at our organization. 

Legacy of leadership: Akta S. – Navigating challenges with grace

headshot of women

Akta’s remarkable journey at UnitedHealth Group, spanning nearly two decades, encapsulates the essence of leadership, innovation and a deep commitment to fostering a culture of empowerment and excellence. "This journey with Optum has been quite a ride of accomplishments and challenges," Akta reflects.

Starting her career in a technology-focused role, Akta quickly distinguished herself as a leader capable of solving critical business problems with innovative technological solutions, all while ensuring her team felt "Empowered, worthy, valued." Her tenure has been marked by a consistent push towards simplifying processes and implementing best-in-class engineering practices.

Beyond her technical and leadership skills, Akta has been a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, contributing significantly to platforms like 'United Women Leadership in Technology' and the Diversity, Inclusion and Equality chapter for the India location. "Being a woman leader, a lot of the young workforce looks up to you as a mentor to establish a long-term career," Akta shares, highlighting the responsibility and drive to mentor the next generation of leaders within the organization.

Akta’s story exemplifies our culture of professional growth, while helping others grow along the way too. 


Career growth advice from two of our talented team members

To help turn career growth into steps that you can take, we asked Bonnie B., a senior patient care coordinator and Kristi H., a regional operations supervisor for their advice. 

bonnie headshot

Bonnie advises, "To anyone looking to advance their career, be positive, communicate, and be a team player. Educate yourself with any kind of education you're offered or what you can find. Do that. It's wonderful. Be brave." She puts an emphasis on positivity, communication and education as pillars for career advancement.

headshot of kristi

Echoing the sentiment of seizing opportunities, Kristi adds, "My advice would be to be an early adopter. Take on opportunities that are presented, volunteer for various projects or roles." Kristi's approach highlights the importance of adaptability and eagerness to embrace new challenges as key drivers of professional growth.

Now, it’s your turn to grow with us

Learn more about our culture, opportunities and what we have to offer you as a workplace on our careers website. At UnitedHealth Group, we’re committed to providing you with the resources you need to reach your goals, while improving health care for all. 

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