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Celebrating neurodiversity at UnitedHealth Group: A commitment to inclusion and diversity

Key takeaways:

  • Learn more about how we support neurodivergent talent and what our team members are reflecting on this month.
  • UnitedHealth Group observes Neurodiversity Celebration Month, emphasizing an inclusive workplace for neurodiverse team members.
  • UnitedHealth Group was named one of the best places to work for disability inclusion by the Disability Equality Index for the fourth year in a row. 

Neurodiversity Celebration Month at UnitedHealth Group

During Neurodiversity Celebration Month, and every day, at UnitedHealth Group, we take the opportunity to learn more about neurological differences and unlearn misconceptions. We do this while celebrating the contributions that neurodiverse talent brings to our workplace. 

How UnitedHealth Group supports neurodivergent talent

At UnitedHealth Group, we strive to provide neurodivergent employees with resources that support their careers. Here are some of those initiatives:

We have an online community called Embrace Neurodiversity in the Workplace. Its goal is to celebrate neurodiversity as a natural and valuable part of human diversity. We want to create environments where everyone, no matter their neurological differences, can succeed, be appreciated for their strengths and reach their full potential.

The Disability Inclusion Employee Resource Group plays an important role. Their mission is to help each person and create a more inclusive culture—one person at a time. This group is working towards greater inclusivity, powered by the passion, ideas and energy of its members.

We offer specialized online training for supervisors and coworkers to help them support neurodivergent colleagues. We also provide accessibility guidance tailored to the needs of neurodivergent individuals, emphasizing the importance of creating an accommodating and understanding work environment.

The Neurodivergent Space, a private Teams group, offers services like productivity partners and body double matching. These services are designed to enhance the work experience of neurodivergent employees. We ensure that every team member has the opportunity to excel and contribute meaningfully to our success.

UnitedHealth Group recognized by the Disability Equality Index

In 2023, UnitedHealth Group was honored by the Disability Equality Index as one of the best places to work for disability inclusion for four years in a row. While there is still work to be done in building a more inclusive environment for all employees, we are proud to receive the recognition. Learn more about the Disability Equality Index.

What our team members are reflecting on during Neurodiversity Celebration Month

Onnie Brown-S., a virtual visit nurse practitioner with Optum HouseCalls, shared what Neurodiversity Celebration Month means to her, "It means that society as a whole is becoming more accepting and educating themselves about who we are and what our strengths are instead of just focusing on the negative aspects."

Onnie also provided a story where her neurodiverse perspective led to a critical diagnosis. 

“I believe my neurodiverse brain does help me come up with differential diagnoses that can be normally overlooked. An example was a member not getting any relief after going to several different disciplines for years to address tinnitus, hearing loss, worsening vertigo and declining memory.  After collecting a little more data, I suggested the member follow up with a provider about getting a carotid ultrasound screening. The member reported back a few months [later] stating he was sent to cardiology and had to have an emergency carotid endarterectomy because the doctor said he could have had a stroke.”

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Christopher W., an advanced practice clinician, shares:

“What does celebrating Neurodiversity Month mean to me? It is opportunity to get the word out about neurodiversity. Educating people that don't know or understand differences or perhaps different ways to work with people that are neurodiverse. So, getting the word out, spreading awareness, promoting acceptance is really what Neurodiversity Month is to me. It is a reason to celebrate.”

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Employee experiences with neurodiversity at UnitedHealth Group

Sara S-G., a supervisor in customer service, reflects on her experience: 

"Honestly, this company has welcomed me with open arms... My work is seen and not just the package it comes in." She also shared, "The Disability Employee Resource Group (ERG) and the Neurodiversity subgroup has given me a place where I see me in all my different levels."​​​​

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Trent Harmon-M., an Advocate4Me representative for Medicare & Retirement at UnitedHealthcare, speaks to our inclusive work environment: 

"UnitedHealth Group fosters an inclusive environment for neurodivergent employees by going above and beyond to educate, bring awareness about, and find accommodations for individuals and their needs." Neurodiversity, for Trent, is "All about celebrating the inherent beauty and wonderfulness that EVERY person brings to the table."​​

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Our ongoing commitment to neurodiversity

If you are a neurodivergent individual looking for a role, we welcome you to explore opportunities at UnitedHealth Group. Our goal is to provide an accommodating and understanding work environment where you can contribute your talents and reach your full potential. We believe that embracing neurodiversity enriches our organization and helps us better serve the diverse communities we support. Explore career opportunities with us and join a workplace that values your authentic self.

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