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Do you have what it takes to work remotely?

Key takeaways:

  • Evaluate your skills in time management, focus and communication to determine if remote work is a good fit.
  • Building relationships and staying connected is crucial when working from home.
  • Be honest with yourself about whether you'll be satisfied and successful working remotely.

Success in remote and hybrid roles at Optum

As an organization, Optum, the technology and innovation arm of UnitedHealth Group, strives to provide employees with the best tools possible to encourage success. Through our technology advancements, we’ve been able to provide care to thousands of people around the world, while also providing work-life flexibility through remote work for more than 25% of our employees.

Depending on business needs and geographical location, some roles offer the opportunity to work in a hybrid model. This means working some days in-office and other days from home. This model offers a combination of in-person collaboration while at the same time offering our team members work-life balance. 

As Joven, a USRN trainer at Optum Philippines shared:

"One of the perks that I’m enjoying while being part of the Optum family, is the remote work-from-home arrangement. The arrangement has provided me with a better work-life balance and has given me the opportunity to be more independent in my career." 

While working remotely can provide significant advantages like Joven described, it’s not for everyone. We want you to be prepared before you decide to choose a remote career at Optum. Check out these core competencies to see if they align with your personality and goals as a professional. Our culture promotes five core values that drive our success.

Performance and responsibility 

Performance is the biggest piece of the pie when you’re considering a remote position at Optum. Ask yourself if you have what it takes to perform at the next level when working from home. High-quality results are not just applauded, they’re expected. We provide care to thousands of people a day and in order to be successful in this venture, every employee must be performing at their best.

Discipline and focus

Discipline is one of the most difficult aspects of remote work. Discipline is about being present in your workday, whether it’s meetings or emails. As human beings, we are not wired for multi-tasking. Prioritizing your work to be present on one task at a time will help you succeed as a remote worker at Optum.

Organization and time management

If you’ve been complimented for your organizational skills, working remotely may be a great fit for you at Optum. As a work-from-home team member, organization is a driver to your success. Simply being able to organize your time and prioritize tasks can make a huge difference between those qualified for remote work and those who are better suited for an office environment. Time management means you’re able to prioritize and complete tasks efficiently without the need to be reminded of due dates. If you excel in this type of organization, remote work at Optum may be a good fit.

Strong relationships and communication

In any and all careers you’ll highly benefit from building strong relationships with your co-workers and managers. As a remote team member at Optum, it’s even more important to create positive relationships with co-workers; in fact, it’s one of the top reasons to work here. When working from home, your communication skills will provide the resources needed to get the job done in an efficient and successful manner. If you have the drive to set up meetings and work through issues with your co-workers, you’ve got an important trait that is essential in the success of remote team members at Optum.

Personal satisfaction

We each have different working styles, and we each succeed in different ways. Oftentimes, people feel lonely when they are working remotely. Some struggle with the need for face-to-face, while others succeed in working virtually. Maybe you feel lost after being out of the office for one day. This may be an indicator that a communal environment works best for you. It’s important to evaluate your personal style and decide if you’ll be satisfied and successful while working remotely at Optum. 

As Sarah P., a medical coder who recently joined our remote medical coding team shared,

"Working remotely from home has had such a positive impact on my role within the company. I feel more comfortable in my surroundings, which leads to increased productivity." 

Evaluating your personal satisfaction and work style fit is an important part of determining if remote work at Optum is right for you. While working remotely can present unique challenges, it can also provide enormous benefits for your personal and professional life. Be honest with yourself when determining what’s right for you at Optum. Ready to find your next remote opportunity?

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