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Meet the people making a difference: Pharmacy roles at UnitedHealth Group

If you’ve ever considered a career that seamlessly blends the worlds of health care and innovation, look no further than pharmacy roles at UnitedHealth Group. From the diverse jobs to the immensely rewarding nature of the work, pharmacy is a field that offers an array of career paths. 

Why pharmacy?

When you step into the world of pharmacy, you're not just choosing a career; you're embarking on a mission to improve lives through the responsible distribution of medicine and health care advice.

“I decided to pursue a career in pharmacy because I enjoy helping people. I enjoy being on the front lines, building relationships with patients and providing the medications they need,” says Katarzyna T., a Remote Dispensing Site Pharmacy Technician at Optum.

For Katarzyna and many others like her, the personal satisfaction of making a tangible impact on people’s health is the cornerstone of their career choice. Brooke G., a senior pharmacy technician, echoes these sentiments:

“Being able to connect with so many people that all have the same goal in giving the best care possible is something truly special.”

A day in the life

The roles in pharmacy are as varied as the people who fill them, from technicians to clerks to pharmacists. While the specifics may differ, the core remains the same: improving patient outcomes and ensuring a smooth health care process.

Katarzyna, for example, juggles a range of responsibilities, including managing operations, maintaining inventory levels, and collaborating closely with nurses.

"At my clinic, I also work closely with nurses to process Patient program assistance applications. My favorite thing is marketing – I love to organize monthly raffles and giveaways for new patients."

Shelly S., a clerk, revels in the variety her role offers:

"You might find me packing or leading in ice. I might be packing in manual on puck, or the bagger machines. I'm a SME, so I'm also assisting others."

The skills you need

Pharmacy careers at UnitedHealth Group require a mix of technical acumen and soft skills. As Katarzyna puts it:

“To be successful, you need to be organized, detail-oriented, and able to multitask. You also need to be kind and willing to go the extra mile to help patients and providers.”

Brooke emphasizes the importance of compassion:

“Being patient, understanding, and kind is crucial. Many patients just want to talk and want to know someone is listening. This allows us to gain their trust.”

Career growth

UnitedHealth Group is committed to your personal and professional development. The company provides avenues for further education and training to ensure that you're always at the forefront of your field.

“Optum encourages their employees to pursue higher education. I received my bachelor’s degree through Optum and got an opportunity for a higher position,” says Katarzyna.

brooke pharmacy

Brooke also highlights the growth opportunities within the company:

"Being an Operational Trainer and a CMC are also other opportunities available within the company, but the options are limitless."

Grow with us in pharmacy roles at UnitedHealth Group

In a world where health care is evolving rapidly, the role of pharmacy professionals is more important than ever. By joining our team, you'll not only find personal satisfaction but also become a key player in a much larger mission: to help people live healthier lives and help make the health system work better for everyone.

Why UnitedHealth Group?

●      Investment in education: Gain access to numerous training programs, resources, and higher education opportunities.

●      Focus on employee welfare: A rewarding company culture that promotes growth and wellness for each employee.

●      Diverse career paths: From senior pharmacy technician roles to specialized positions like remote dispensing site pharmacy technicians, the options are limitless.

If you're inspired by the likes of Katarzyna, Brooke, and Shelly and you want to make your own unique mark in health care, we invite you to grow with us in a pharmacy role at UnitedHealth Group.

Join us as we endeavor to make health care work better for everyone, one prescription, one patient, and one compassionate interaction at a time.

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