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Launch your career at UnitedHealth Group: Rewarding roles for students and new grads

Key takeaways:

UnitedHealth Group offers interns and new grads impactful first roles across sales, corporate accounting, actuarial analysis, financial planning, and mergers & acquisitions.

  • Robust training and mentorship help early talent develop specialized expertise as well as a cross-functional business perspective.
  • Participants gain visibility into potential career paths as interests evolve through exposure to diverse specialty areas.
  • Competitive pay and exceptional benefits empower new hires to focus fully on accelerating their careers.

Kickstarting your career at UnitedHealth Group

As a college student or recent graduate, finding that first career-launching job is thrilling and critical. You want an environment where you can thrive both professionally and personally while working on meaningful projects.

Look no further than UnitedHealth Group. Our Fortune 5 organization continues unprecedented health care ecosystem growth. We lead the global pack, pioneering innovations that remove obstacles and close care gaps. And we passionately invest in our people, creating a nurturing atmosphere where talent skyrockets.

Keep reading to discover how UnitedHealth Group early careers springboard your skills with rewarding opportunities.

Dynamic roles spanning industries and functions

From medical data analytics to business insights to strategic financial planning and more, we flex our skills across disciplines. UnitedHealth Group boasts over 400,000 employees strong, aligned to our mission of helping people live healthier lives and helping make the health system work better for everyone.

The following are some of the key functions you can join to launch your career:

Sales and account management

Embark on a sales and account management career at UnitedHealth Group. Our comprehensive programs, ranging from internships to full-time roles, offer immersive experiences in navigating health care sales. Gain real-world skills, mentorship, and the opportunity to drive meaningful projects in a dynamic, global healthcare environment.

Corporate accounting

Parse complex numeric datasets for trends guiding strategy. Produce financial statements illuminating performance. Streamline processes enterprise-wide.

“In my internship, I was preparing basic financial statements. Now I am working on statistical projections of prescriptions paid out each month. There are so many routes you can take in corporate accounting,” said Katelyn W., an accountant at UnitedHealth Group. 

Financial analysis

Pinpoint market forces, customer needs and operational levers to target growth opportunities. Inform executive choices through economic modeling and business case development.

Actuarial analysis

Apply statistical and economic analyses toward forecasting, quantifying risk, and stabilizing outputs. Guide tactical and strategic decision-making through data insights.

samantha headshot

Samantha K., an actuarial analysis intern grew professionally by taking on projects firsthand. “I learned more from this experience than if [my manager] would’ve just told me how to do it in the first place,” Samantha said. “I’ve seen growth throughout the summer by not being afraid to make mistakes.”

Mergers & acquisitions

Help architect deals at the forefront of health care’s most active buy-side consolidator.  Perform valuation analysis and due diligence to incorporate new entities under the UnitedHealth Group ecosystem.

Personalized development through mentorship and mobility

We champion talent by removing barriers to achievement. All early careers staff participate in a personalized development program. You’re matched with mentors invested in your growth and exposed to diverse specialty areas.

By collaborating with our industry’s top minds, you acquire skills rapidly. And you gain visibility into potential career paths as your interests evolve.

The perks of joining UnitedHealth Group

Beyond dynamic projects and support for rapid advancement, we offer exceptional lifestyle perks.

  • Competitive pay allows focusing fully on career acceleration rather than financial pressure.
  • Robust wellness benefits help you show up as your best self each day.
  • Generous paid time off ensures you recharge fully. 
  • 401k features like matching incentives get your future planning off on the right foot.
  • Flexible arrangements balance personal and professional responsibilities 

Ready to launch your career?

Find your next internship or full-time opportunity here.

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