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A healthy culture for working parents

At Optum, our mission is to help people live healthier lives. That includes improving the lives of our team members, many of whom balance their work with another important role — being a parent. We recently invited Avril and Katherine, two of our professionals who are also raising children, to reflect on what it takes to balance work and parenting. As you’ll see, for Avril, Katherine and so many others, Optum is a great place to grow your career and your family.


What are your responsibilities at work?
My role involves providing clinical and strategic support. What I do enhances the performance of the health system to improve the overall health and well-being of the people we look after so they can get the care they need at an affordable price.

Do you see connections between what you do at work and at home?
One similarity in my roles at work and as a parent is that I have responsibility for others’ well-being, happiness, growth and development. I provide support and encouragement for others to reach their full potential.

Do you feel supported as a working parent at Optum?
Optum offers a blend of in-office and remote work, which helps with maintaining a flexible work-life balance for my family. The hybrid working model really helps my family situation.

Optum also offers great health and well-being options, and helps with the cost of benefits for me and my family. And those benefits can be tailored to suit my personal circumstances.


What does a typical day look like for you?
My day revolves around planning, both in my job and as a parent. I usually spend time looking at my day and planning activities and how to achieve them. I do the same thing at home.

What tips do you have for other working parents? 
First, you are doing a great job. Balancing work and home is not easy, especially for single parents like me. In terms of advice, I’d say keep the lines of communication open. Talk to your supervisor. Optum has been great about communication, and we can work out pretty much any concern.

How have you been supported to develop your career at Optum?
I appreciate the growth opportunities here. In my time at Optum, I’ve been promoted twice, and that matters a lot, because hard work gets recognized here. I am a single parent and it really means a lot to me and my family that I have a stable job like this one.

Optum is very much supportive of our role as parents. I love how much support we have to balance our schedules for work along with the other responsibilities of our lives. This is really a great place to work.

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