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Discover well-being and career success at UnitedHealth Group

When it comes to choosing a workplace, it's about more than just finding a job—it's about selecting an environment that supports your professional and personal growth. That's exactly what we strive to offer at UnitedHealth Group, where well-being is not just a buzzword but a core philosophy. 

How UnitedHealth Group makes well-being a priority

Our mission at UnitedHealth Group is to help people live healthier lives and to help make the help system work better for everyone. That commitment starts with our employees. Our well-being programs are designed to be comprehensive, covering not just your physical health but your financial stability and mental wellness too. 

Mi Chue T., a senior internal audit analyst located in Minnesota, notes her appreciation for the Health Savings Account (HSA) that UnitedHealth Group offers. She values the HSA for its tax-free contributions and as a "convenient source of funds for unexpected health expenses."

The many layers of employee well-being

Every individual is unique, and so are their needs for well-being. At UnitedHealth Group, we offer a range of programs and benefits that touch upon several key areas:

  • Physical health: Besides comprehensive health care plans, we also offer fitness programs and other wellness initiatives.
  • Financial security: Competitive salary packages, performance bonuses, and health savings accounts like the one Mi Chue T. appreciates are offered at UnitedHealth Group.
  • Mental and emotional support: Natalia E., Senior Customer Service Supervisor in Bogota, Colombia, praises our employee assistance programs. Natalia finds value not only in her professional life but in her personal life, highlighting that these programs give her the "option to improve not only in my finances but also my mental health."
  • Work-life balance: Our flexible work arrangements include remote work options and generous paid time off, allowing you to balance your career with your life outside work.

You can delve deeper into our robust benefits offering by visiting our dedicated benefits page.

Flexibility and adaptability: The UnitedHealth Group way

Work-life balance is crucial for well-being, and that's why our culture is designed to be as flexible as possible. We understand you have responsibilities and pursuits outside of the day-to-day of your job. Natalia appreciates the little things like the "Entremés card," which allows her to enjoy snacks throughout the month at her office location in Bogota, Colombia. It's these small but meaningful perks that contribute to a fulfilling work-life balance.

Unlocking career potential: Learning and development

At UnitedHealth Group, your career growth is another facet of your well-being that we take seriously. Expect a variety of development opportunities including:

  • On-the-job training: Practical experiences to enhance your skill set.
  • Leadership development programs: Tailored programs to nurture our future leaders.
  • Possible tuition reimbursement: Financial support for continuing your education.

Learn more about how we foster growth and development.

Join a team that puts your well-being first

Well-being is more than just an employee benefit; it’s part of our mission to help people live healthier lives. We're not just offering you a job; we want to provide a holistic environment where your well-being is prioritized.

Are you passionate about making a difference? Do you want to work in an environment that nurtures you as a whole person? If so, we welcome you to explore opportunities at UnitedHealth Group.

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