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Ishan’s spotlight

From military service to a rewarding career: Ishan B.’s journey to Optum

At Optum, we value the skills, experience and dedication that serving in the military demands. As a global organization, we gain invaluable perspectives thanks to the unique contributions of our many veterans. For team members like Ishan B., making the transition from military service to a civilian career with Optum is a natural fit. Find out why Ishan chose Optum as his next step and learn more about how we support service members, veterans and their families.

What was your transition like from the military to Optum?

After finishing my service, I wasn’t sure how corporate life would be. Once I understood more about Optum’s values, though, it made me feel like I was in the right place. Some of the things I focused on in the military included understanding the needs of the men and women under my command, building esprit de corps, and evolving each day. I’ve found that there are very similar priorities at Optum. In some ways, I could relate to the core values here almost instantly. Once I knew what Optum was all about, I was ready to contribute to my new mission: to help create a healthier world.

What were some of the things that helped you to know what Optum was all about?

The welcoming nature of my manager, my teammates and Optum as a whole was a big, big plus. I was helped at every step to get immersed in the corporate environment. I am grateful for everyone at Optum who trusted me and provided me with an opportunity to prove my mettle. In the military, I had the chance to serve on land, sea and air platforms over 10 years. I’m proud to bring that experience with me here, and I’m excited about this next step I’m taking with Optum.

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