What We Do

Rewarding Quality & Effective Care

How We Do It

UnitedHealth Group is working to reward quality, effective care through initiatives that provide incentives for physicians and consumers, promote the use of data and insights to improve care and advance evidence-based medicine.

Optum Employees in Boston / Cambridge captured during everyday work activities during ERD Data Science video and photo shoot.

Promoting the Use of Data & Insights

Optum Labs®: A Research and Innovation Collaborative to Improve Care

The application of cutting-edge analytic techniques to vast health care data sets is essential to the development of insights that inform improvements in health care. UnitedHealth Group’s Optum Labs is collaborating with leading health services researchers and data scientists to apply an array of analytic approaches to address heath care challenges. Since inception in 2013 the collaborative has published peer-reviewed research papers on topics including cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental health, opioid use and hearing loss. 

America's Health Rankings®


Decrease in smoking since 1989.


Increase in obesity since 1990.

Over 30 years of data: Key improvements and challenges.

Promoting the Use of Data & Insights

America's Health Rankings: Actionable Data to Benchmark Health

Public health leaders, elected officials, researchers and policymakers are tasked with improving community health. However, they often lack actionable data to identify successes and challenges to their states' health and benchmark health over time.

America’s Health Rankings, produced by the United Health Foundation in collaboration with an advisory group of leading experts in public health, offers data-driven insights that stakeholders can use to effect change and continue the dialogue on improving our nation’s health. For more than 30 years, the platform has checked the pulse of our nation through the Annual Report that measures the overall health of each state in the country. The platform also provides detailed analyses on health disparities and the health of key populations in the country, including women and children, older adults and those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.


America’s Health Rankings 2021 Annual Report examines 81 measures from 30 unique data sources to understand the impact that social, economic, environmental and other factors have on health, as well as trends that reflect the nation’s changing health over time. UnitedHealth Group plans to use the findings of this report as a critical source of information to fulfill its mission of making the health system work better for everyone.