Taking Action to Address Housing Insecurity

June 26, 2020 | 3 min Read


Driving Better Health Outcomes for Underserved Populations 

Housing security has a profound effect on everyday life and plays a key role in individual health. If individuals don’t have a safe place to stay, it may be difficult for them to feel secure or manage their overall well-being. Unfortunately, 15 million people in the United States lack access to stable housing.

To help address this challenge, UnitedHealth Group has invested $500 million since 2011 to support the development of 83 communities in 19 states – in cities from Long Island to Milwaukee to Los Angeles – resulting in more than 4,670 new, affordable homes.

With 80% of a person’s health related to factors outside of a doctor’s office, addressing these needs can help lead to healthier communities, and healthier lives, across the country.

$500 Million in Affordable Housing Investments

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Making an Impact: Milwaukee Housing Program 

Through the myConnections program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, UnitedHealthcare helps Medicaid beneficiaries who have persistent health problems and high utilization of emergency room and hospital services. Participants are provided with housing, as well as wrap-around health and social services aimed at improving their well-being while lowering utilization of costly health care services.

Shenell Anderson was among the first pilot participants in Milwaukee. She was suffering from frequent panic attacks, calling 911 and regularly seeking care in emergency rooms.

UnitedHealthcare connected Shenell with the Milwaukee County Housing Division, a partner in the myConnections program, helping her identify several housing options.

In addition to covering her rent and utility costs, the program provided Shenell with resources to take yoga classes, visit a nutritionist and go to counseling, which had a significant impact. Her experience uncovered a new passion — Shenell is currently pursuing a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling.

After transitioning out of the pilot program, Shenell was offered the opportunity to speak in front of a UnitedHealthcare audience about her experience. As a result of her impressive presentation, she received a job offer to work as a community health worker at UnitedHealthcare. Shenell is now helping clients find assistance related to housing, access to transportation and food banks, and other support.

“I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in the myConnections program,” Shenell said. “It helped me achieve stability in my life and has provided opportunities to advance my life both personally and professionally. My hope is that other people facing similar challenges to what I experienced are able to get similar assistance.”


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