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Achieving Better Health

How We Do It

UnitedHealth Group is committed to achieving better health outcomes for all people by providing physicians with tools and evidence-based information to aid decision-making; strengthening home-based care; improving chronic disease management; addressing determinants of health and changing behaviors through prevention and wellness.


Optum clinicians provided over 2 million members with in-home visits in 2021.

Achieving Better Health

Strengthening Care With HouseCalls

HouseCalls is helping ensure Medicare Advantage members safely and effectively receive proper preventive care by coordinating care with primary care physicians, connecting members with disease management programs and following up with any urgent needs noted during an annual visit.

HouseCalls provides members with a free in-home annual medical exam by an advanced practice clinician. Visits include a complete health history overview, a physical exam, identification of health risks and gaps in care, coordination with the member’s primary care provider, and development of an individualized plan of care for enrollees in special needs plans. Members are also assessed for other needs, including food, medication, affordable housing, transportation and employment. Social service referrals are coordinated to address any issues that are uncovered.

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Achieving Better Health

Promoting Prevention and Wellness With Rally®

Without proper engagement in their health and wellness, individuals are at increased risk for developing new medical conditions or allowing existing conditions to worsen. To help individuals maintain and improve their health, we are providing them with personalized support and incentives through Rally’s engagement platform, including:

  • Health surveys to help individuals understand their current overall health.
  • Personalized prevention and support programs.
  • Rewards and incentives for completing recommended health care activities.
  • Professional wellness coaches and group support.
  • Online communities that allow members to interact and support other members.
  • Tools that help members find in-network, high-quality providers, including primary care doctors.

I'm a completely different person. I have so much more joy in my life. I found purpose again.

Kelsey A Real Appeal Member


Rally’s Real Appeal® Program

The obesity epidemic remains a serious health issue in the United States. According to America’s Health Rankings 2020 Annual Report, obesity increased 15% nationally between 2011 and 2019, to a new high of 31.9%, affecting nearly 70.4 million adults. Obesity is linked to several major causes of death, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke.

Rally’s Real Appeal®, a proven weight loss program based on clinical research, is helping to address the obesity epidemic. Program participants receive personal health coaching online, a Success Kit including weight and food scales along with recipes and more, and digital tools that help track food consumption, physical activity and weight loss progress online. 

Real Appeal by the numbers

Loss of body weight on average for participants.

Members helped by Real Appeal.*

At-risk participants lost 5% body weight.

*Data as of January 2022