CelebrateOne: Partnering with Columbus Public Health to Help Babies Reach Their First Birthday

Woman Child

Columbus Public Health and United Health Foundation celebrated the first year of an initiative to reduce infant mortality rates in eight local communities, and during the event new funding to expand the program was announced. (Photos: Eric George)

CelebrateOne and Columbus Public Health are working to add 72 new community health workers to conduct outreach to women of childbearing age in an effort to help reduce infant mortality in eight Columbus communities. The initiative is funded by a $1.7 million partnership grant from United Health Foundation that will help address a critical public health need in Ohio. According to America's Health Rankings, Ohio ranks 44th in the nation in infant mortality, with more than seven infant deaths before the age of 1 for every 1,000 live births.

"The partnership between Columbus Public Health and United Health Foundation is exactly the type of collaborative approach we need to tackle our toughest health care challenges," said Congressman Steve Stivers. "By focusing on initiatives like CelebrateOne, this public-private partnership will help community members live better lives and keep our most precious resource, our children, safe and healthy."

CelebrateOne is a community-engagement initiative led by Columbus Public Health and the Greater Columbus Mortality Task Force to reduce infant mortality by 40 percent and halve the racial health disparity gap by 2020.

(February 2016)