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Creating a supportive work environment for women at UnitedHealth Group

Key takeaways

  • Flexible work arrangements: UnitedHealth Group offers a hybrid working model and Back-Up Care to help employees balance work and family life seamlessly.
  • Career growth and support: Through mentorship programs like United Women Leading in Technology and recognition as Parent Superheroes, we actively support the career advancement and personal achievements of our women employees.
  • Comprehensive family support: Our employees benefit from a wide range of support services, including health and well-being options, maternity support programs and resources for parents navigating personal challenges.

At UnitedHealth Group, we recognize the diverse roles women play in their personal and professional lives. Our mission to help people live healthier lives and help make the health system work better for everyone, extends to our employees, creating a supportive and flexible work environment that acknowledges and adapts to the unique needs of working parents and caregivers. Here's how we're making it happen:

Navigating motherhood with CareNine

Padmini B., a senior software engineer, speaks to the benefits of our CareNine maternity support program for our employees in India. We are committed to supporting our employees through significant life events.

padmini headshot

"I'm a mother of two. During both of my pregnancies, I had doubts and questions. Just 10 to 15-minute appointments with my doctor were not always enough. But thanks to CareNine, I had access to the best-in-class doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists, and many other experts. From personalized diet plans to management of aches and pains to emotional counseling that helped me navigate challenging situations both at work and at home. I had all of the support I needed. My pregnancy would not have been as comfortable and stress-free without the help of CareNine." 

Padmini's experience underscores the comprehensive care we strive to provide, ensuring our employees receive the assistance they need.

Enhancing work-life balance with parenting support through RaiseWell

Sneha S., a site coordinator, shares how the RaiseWell program for our employees in India has supported the balance between her professional responsibilities and her role as a mother.

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"As a working mother, it seems like I have two roles, the responsibilities of which often clash. My daughter is 7 years old now, and under my organization's RaiseWell program, I've got the perfect resolution for all my predicaments. I have been enrolling my child into various fun and educational online sessions, such as coding sessions for kids, foreign language sessions, magic tricks, arts and crafts activities, and so much more. All free of cost. It gives my child a productive and creative avenue to channel her time and energy. It also helps me to focus on my work, rest assured that her time is well spent."

Sneha's story highlights how our RaiseWell program offers invaluable resources for parenting employees, providing solutions that enrich both their children's lives and their own professional development.

Tailored benefits for families

Understanding the diverse needs of our employees, we offer comprehensive family support benefits. This includes Back-Up Care for our employees in the U.S., which helps our team members confidently balance work and family responsibilities via high-quality center and home-based child care or adult/elder care, subsidized by UnitedHealth Group, to use when regular care arrangements fall through or are unavailable while employees work.

Here are the experiences of two Parent Superhero nominees, which is a program that showcases working parents who are going above and beyond in their parenting and/or professional roles. 

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Mollie C. shares her story about the support she received as a working mom during the pandemic, "As a working mom with a newborn during the pandemic, I worked from home. And now as I'm expecting another child, I have so many resources through the company." 

We are proud to provide resources and benefits that support our employees' family lives, ensuring they have the support they need during significant life events.

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Jennifer B. shares her heartfelt experience, "Like a lot of parents, we had a difficult 2021. It was such a relief to have support from my peers and my leaders, and not worry about my job when I needed to head out." Jennifer's story reflects the compassionate and understanding culture we cultivate at UnitedHealth Group. Her journey emphasizes our commitment to creating an environment where employees feel supported not just in their professional roles but also in their personal lives, especially during challenging times. "For me, personally, UnitedHealthcare has helped create an environment where I can connect with other parents going through similar struggles. Being transparent about mine has helped others feel less alone and lost."

Fostering growth and mentorship

bhavani headshot

Bhavani T., a senior software engineer, highlights the empowering impact of mentorship and community amongst women in our company, "I have always felt the need for mentorship and career guidance from other women in tech who have successfully worked on a similar career path before me."

Through our United Women Leading in Technology program, Bhavani found a platform that bridged this gap, connecting her with women leaders across the globe. She adds, "This has helped me to understand the importance of learning new skills, staying up to date on developments in my field, networking, and most importantly, self-leadership."

We’re committed to advancing women in technology and leadership roles, providing a supportive network for professional development and personal growth. We believe in empowering our employees with the tools and community they need to succeed and lead in their fields.

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