An attestation is conducted so our organization’s delegates can confirm their adherence to regulatory compliance program requirements.

The attestation contains questions that will verify if the delegate meets the Medicare and Medicaid requirements.

Regulatory Compliance Program Requirements

  • Distribution of standards of conduct or policies and procedures outlining standards of conduct.
  • Fraud, waste and abuse training.
  • General compliance training.
  • Office of the Inspector General/U.S. General Services Administration exclusion checks and state exclusion checks, if applicable.
  • Record retention for 10 years, unless otherwise noted by state for Medicaid.
  • Offshoring notification.
  • Compliance oversight of subcontracted delegated services.

Following is an example of a questionnaire that provides a baseline of information you can audit against and use to prepare for a successful attestation process.

Delegated Entity Sample Attestation Form

Vendor Portal

UnitedHealth Group uses the eGRC (Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance) External Vendor Portal to provide select delegates a single entry point to respond to compliance attestation requests.