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Optum Rx Differentiated Pharmacy Benefit Solutions

Optum Rx is helping reduce out-of-pocket costs for consumers, addressing the high cost of specialty drugs through integrated cost management and simplifying the pharmacy experience for our clients, care providers and consumers.

Optum Rx at a glance

  • Reduces annual drug costs, on average, by $1,600 per person.
  • Provides pharmacy services to over 61 million people nationwide.
  • Has more than 700 pharmacy locations serving community mental health pharmacy needs.
  • Offers delivery of prescription drugs to every ZIP code in America.
  • Contracts with more than 67,000 pharmacies nationwide – including 24,000 independent pharmacies.
  • Optum Rx consumers live on average within 2 miles of an Optum Rx network pharmacy.


Reducing out-of-pocket costs

Partnering with UnitedHealthcare, 8 million members will pay $0 out of pocket for five lifesaving medications: Insulin for diabetes, Epinephrine for allergic reactions, Glucagon for hypoglycemia, Naloxone for opioid overdoses, and Albuterol for acute asthma attacks.


Addressing the high cost of specialty drugs

Offering solutions to address the high cost of specialty drugs through integrated cost management and negotiating with specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers to make therapies more affordable. Optum Rx supports a competitive biosimilars market and has taken action to include biosimilars on our formulary.


Simplifying the pharmacy experience

Ensuring pharmacies, care providers and services work together – providing 20% higher medication adherence for maintenance medications compared to 30-day prescriptions at retail pharmacies.

Clinical-first formulary decisions

Promoting better health outcomes with high-quality, cost-effective formulary design and management by basing formulary decisions on clinical attributes, choice and lowest cost of care. Our work is grounded in clinical rigor, so everything from the independent Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee’s decisions on formulary placement to the broad range of wraparound programs we provide puts patient health outcomes first.