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6/28/2018 UnitedHealthcare to Offer More Health Insurance Choices for Minnesotans

UnitedHealthcare, a UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) company, will begin offering new employer-sponsored health insurance options in Minnesota beginning late 2018, and intends to expand its Medicare Advantage health insurance plan options Jan. 1, 2019, pending regulatory approvals.

10/8/2018 Health Action Council Introduces New Consumer Health Support Model through Collaboration with UnitedHealthcare and Optum

The Health Action Council, an organization dedicated to improving the quality and cost of care, is expanding its relationship with UnitedHealthcare and Optum to launch an enhanced insurance plan that will be available to Health Action Council member companies for Jan. 1, 2019, enrollment.

10/31/2018 UnitedHealthcare's New and Enhanced Digital Health Resources Help Empower People to More Effectively Use Their Benefits and Curb Health Care Costs

UnitedHealthcare, a UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) company, launched new and enhanced digital health resources to help employers access and understand health care data, save on premiums and encourage employees to more effectively use their health benefits.

7/12/2018 Benefit Assist Program Makes Benefit Payouts Faster and Easier for Employees Enrolled in Medical and Supplemental Health Plans

Employees enrolled in UnitedHealthcare accident, critical illness or hospital indemnity protection plans can now receive benefit payouts faster and easier through UnitedHealthcare's industry-first Supplemental Health Benefit Assist Program.

1/9/2019 Engagement in Well-being Programs Strongly Linked to Greater Employee Loyalty, According to Optum Study

Employees who actively participate in employer-sponsored health and wellness programs are much more likely to be proud to work for their employer and promote their company to others as a great place to work, according to Optum research released today.

12/4/2018 UnitedHealthcare’s uBundle Helps Employers Save on Medical Premiums When Adding Specialty Benefit Plans

UnitedHealthcare has introduced uBundle, a new benefits savings program that enables employers across the country to save up to 4 percent* on medical premiums when combining a UnitedHealthcare medical plan with specialty benefits such as dental, vision, life, disability or supplemental health coverage.

12/5/2018 Optum Bank Data Tool Uses Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics to Help People Increase Health Savings

Optum Bank, the nation’s leading provider of heath savings accounts, has enhanced its data and analytics tool to help increase health savings account (HSA) savings and provide accountholders with a better understanding of how to use their HSAs to pay for health care costs.

11/1/2017 UnitedHealthcare Offers New Hospital Indemnity Protection Plans to Employers and Their Employees Nationwide

UnitedHealthcare has introduced nationwide new Hospital Indemnity Protection plans that provide a cash benefit to help fund employees’ out-of-pocket medical expenses or meet other financial needs after a hospital stay.

11/6/2017 How America’s Unique Insurance Model Keeps People Healthy and Costs Down

Employers act as natural risk pools, enticing healthy and not-so-healthy workers to sign up because of the relatively affordable, pre-tax price tag.

11/12/2015 UnitedHealthcare Offers New Critical Illness Protection Plans to Employers and Their Employees Nationwide

UnitedHealthcare has introduced new Critical Illness Protection plans that provide a cash benefit for covered health events to help fund employees’ out-of-pocket expenses after a major illness, such as deductibles and copays, as well as helping cover lost income.